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According to Gartner, 83% of manual data migrations fail, exceed budget or miss deadlines. With CoEnterprise at your side, that won’t be you.
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improvement in speed and scale


faster to onboard new trading partners

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With Mission-Critical Managed File Transfer Initiatives, There’s Only Time To Do It Once, Do It Right.

There’s no reason your managed file transfer project should be defined by the pitfalls of those who’ve gone before you. CoEnterprise, as a leading IBM platinum partner and reseller of IBM Sterling MFT software, has both the experience and a defined roadmap that avoids the common traps that often derail other managed file transfer services providers:

  • Automation that prevents time lost due to poor processes or manual efforts
  • Carefully crafted timelines that anticipate and align with your company’s major initiatives and product launches
  • A proven, defined process with standardized methodologies that provide tight implementations that avoid cost overruns and process errors
  • Modernized and secure to avoid security breaches often tied to legacy platforms (5+ years)

Syncrofy expectations dashboard example

Lower Costs with Automation

Automated file transfers make intuitive sense to any IT professional – with cost savings of at least 35% and faster timelines compared to manual approaches.

Visibility/Governance Advances

Move to a single, flexible MFT platform that supports almost any communication protocol, connects seamlessly to outside partners, and helps achieve high availability operations you can count on. .

Security Concerns

Help protect your critical network and data during data migration and ongoing managed file transfer operations with our secure, auditable managed file transfer solution.

Migration to the Cloud

When you migrate to cloud-based technology with CoEnterprise, you’re consolidating your solutions and streamlining the entire integration process with none of the expensive overhead.

The MFT Framework brought our Sterling environment at COX to the enterprise level. The COE team knocked it out of the park and delivered the Framework in record time!
Mohammad Butt | Cox Automotive
Syncrofy has made all of our lives so much easier. It’s hard to imagine working without it.
Esie Cortez | Emerson Electric
After implementing Syncrofy, the EDI team spends less than 5% of their time searching for the right data. Syncrofy is a tool we rely on every day. It really helps us see the flow of the business and gives us complete visibility into every aspect of our organization.
Joe Gavin, EDI Manager | Barnes & Noble College

You Can Do It Yourself, Or Do It With Someone Who’s Been There Before. Many, Many Times.

There are few initiatives more vital to your business – and your trading partners – than managing critical MFT files and data. CoEnterprise and Sterling Managed File Transfer Gateway is the critical partner and the must-have tool to rely upon to protect your most critical data.

Syncrofy Integration Collaboration

Speed to Completion

With each connection taking an average of 10-12 hours, projects that call for hundreds or even thousands of connection points require a sophisticated automation solution and partner. It’s not something that can be achieved with a brute force approach of simply allocating more hands on deck.

Enhanced Security

IBM’s Sterling Managed File Transfer Gateway tool allows you to restrict permissible senders and receivers, centrally log data transfers, securely encrypt data, and, most important, integrate with data loss prevention products. It’s a level of security out-of-reach with out-of-date manual routines.

Lower Costs

You’ll benefit from reduced patch time and lower operating costs for edge-based file gateways. Consolidating to a single, flexible, always-on gateway will enable you to speed up time-to-revenue and dramatically improve partner satisfaction so you can take back control over your file transfers.

Axway to IBM Sterling Managed File Transfer Migration Expertise

We’ve completed many successful Axway-to-IBM migrations, with customers relying upon our US-based 24/7/365 support teams.

The CoEnterprise Delivery Promise – Assurance of On Time, On Budget, On Point Managed File Transfer Implementations

Whatever you need in IBM Sterling MFT Implementation, we know it deeper. We’ve architected, implemented. migrated and optimized it better than any manual approach could achieve.

With an MFT management process that’s proven in thousands of implementations, CoEnterprise is at the ready to replace managed file transfer complexity with simplicity with the full suite of IBM Sterling MFT tools:

CoEnterprise Managed File Transfer Offerings
  • Assessment/Architecture/Strategy
  • Health Checks
  • Solution Implementation/Optimization/Migration
  • Upgrades
  • Integration/Connection to Internal/External Applications
  • IT Bandwidth/ Staff Augmentation
  • Application Modernization – Upgrade to Red Hat Open Shift Parts
  • Extended Support
IBM Sterling MFT Solutions we support
  • IBM Sterling File Gateway
  • IBM Sterling Connect Direct
  • IBM Sterling Control Center
  • IBM Sterling Secure Proxy
  • IBM Sterling Global Mailbox
  • IBM Partner Engagement Manager (PEM)

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