Unlocking the Future of B2B Integration With Syncrofy Integration Cloud (SIC)

By: Brandon Shores | January 19th, 2024
Did you know that the software as a service (SaaS) industry is poised to skyrocket beyond the $200 billion mark this year?

It’s a remarkable milestone that reflects a rising need in the marketplace for cost-effective and scalable managed services. That’s why more SaaS providers are adopting a multi-tenant approach–a game-changer when it comes to efficient resource sharing.

Recent studies show that companies engaging managed service providers are saving big.

study of managed services savings

The rise of managed services

The increasing popularity of managed services is aligned with a shift in strategic approach to IT management and multi-tenancy is at the forefront–a software architecture that is revolutionizing the industry. In this innovative structure, you share a common infrastructure with other customers while maintaining logical separation. It also facilitates the quick repetition of data flows and configurations, allowing you to pay for only what you need.

Multi-tenancy has slowly become a defining feature of SaaS applications, allowing you to significantly enhance scalability, cost-effectiveness, and resource efficiency. As we move forward, the trajectory of multi-tenant managed services will continue to evolve, driven by advancements in technology and the ongoing quest for more efficient, scalable, and cost-effective solutions.

Why move to a fully managed service?

If you’re struggling to maintain your on-premise environment, you’re not alone. More and more companies are moving away from on-premise solutions due to a myriad of reasons–including the high (and continuously rising) cost of ownership. When you take into account hardware, operating system maintenance and patching, security, storage, and development resources, things can get out of hand fairly quickly. On top of that, you may have partner onboarding challenges resulting from a lack of resources and expertise as well as limited visibility, technical capabilities, and reduced business and customer satisfaction levels. Phew! With all that, it’s no wonder why fully managed services are on the rise.

If your current provider or on-premise solution isn’t cutting it, isn’t it about time you do something about it?

Introducing Syncrofy Integration Cloud (SIC)

Syncrofy Integration Cloud (SIC) is a game-changing managed service alternative that will redefine on-premise EDI/B2B operations and replace your existing solution. Functioning as a multi-tenant, cloud-based SaaS, SIC seamlessly transforms files from EDI platforms into easily consumable formats for your partners’ ERP systems and vice versa. SIC, coupled with Syncrofy, a powerful supply chain visibility platform, establishes communication channels and captures transactions for enhanced visibility—empowering you to achieve: 

  • 24/7/365 transaction lifecycle visibility
  • Reduced complexity
  • High scalability
  • Real-time efficiency improvements
  • Reduced infrastructure footprint
  • Hassle-free management
  • Best-in-class implementation methodology
  • 24×7 system monitoring and support

With SIC, you’ll experience increased speed to ROI and have easy access to dedicated experts that understand your business without the high costs associated with infrastructure, security, and developer headcount. SIC is also highly available, flexible, and can decrease the time to integrate with your partner community (map development, testing, go-live) by up to 60% all without any hidden costs.

We understand that every business is unique. That’s why SIC supports any-to-any translations to facilitate seamless communication with your partner community. It accommodates various formats, including EDI, Tradacoms, EDIFACT, RND, proprietary (SAP, Oracle, ERP, etc.), XML, human-readable, and more.

Syncrofy for Supply Chain on laptop

Leveraging the power of Syncrofy

SIC is powered by Syncrofy, a supply chain visibility and intelligence platform that consolidates information for all users, and eliminates the need for IT involvement. Syncrofy offers a suite of visibility features right out of the box, including human-readable correlated EDI documents, proactive notifications, business language failure notifications, SLA and exception reporting, and powerful real-time dashboards.

Syncrofy enables you to see what’s going on across your supply chain, what’s working, and where potential problems may occur. This allows you to be proactive, prevent costly fines and fees, and eliminate late payments and shipments. It’s also designed for everyone in your organization and created specifically with the non-technical user in mind so there’s no need for data scientists or database administrators. 

Did you know that up to 2% of suppliers’ top line revenue can go towards paying chargebacks from retailers? And retailers who can’t hold their suppliers accountable risk lost sales, process delays, and increased shipping costs. 

Two stunning realities that begin with a lack of visibility into the supply chain, flaws in EDI processes, and no real way to identify and fix the root cause of errors and inaccuracies.

But no matter what side of business you’re on, there’s hope with SIC.

The CoEnterprise Difference

We are committed to helping you get the most out of your investment. With deep expertise in B2B/ERP integration, application modernization, cloud enablement, and legacy platform migrations–we complete every project in less time, with fewer resources and better outcomes. And it’s more than just our experience–we offer a proven, award-winning process that assures on-time, on-budget service delivery reliability with superior customer support. Your success story begins with CoEnterprise.

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