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No two customers are alike. That’s why we ensure that every customer has access to the right information and solutions when starting a project. We partner with the world’s leading organizations to deliver measurable results and find solutions to real business problems. Let us help you streamline your workflows, empower your people, and meet your business goals and objectives. Whether it’s through Syncrofy, our powerful software solution, or our award-winning consulting and managed services division, we’re confident we can make a difference and help take your business to new heights.

Software Solutions For:


Software Solutions for Supply Chain

Supply Chain Professionals

What if you lived in a world where complex supply chain execution problems were a thing of the past? Where you could easily complete purchase order management, exception management, and key performance indicator analysis by trading partner and product line? Where you had an instant understanding of your order lifecycle from purchase order to invoice? And what if all that information was on-demand at your fingertips in a single, unified platform that allowed you to collaborate and communicate with your trading partners? That world is here!

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Software IT and EDI

IT & EDI Professionals

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to solve real business problems like exceptions and chargebacks, late shipments & payments, PO changes, custom EDI reporting, and unacknowledged documents without having to rely on your IT team? What if you could access the EDI documents yourself and interact with them in an easily readable format? Just think how much faster you could get your job done. Well, wonder no more!

What if you had the ability to focus your time on other pressing business issues and tasks without having to worry about daily and hourly EDI requests? What if you had a solution that enabled anyone at your firm to act upon critical business data to solve real problems without the need for your time and expertise? Your task list just got a lot shorter.

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Project & Consulting Services For:


Services for Supply Chain

Supply Chain Professionals

Our expertise and command of supply chain strategy and integration makes us the worldwide leader in the B2B marketplace. As the only IBM Platinum Business Partner in the Watson Supply Chain, CoEnterprise is uniquely positioned to enable your teams to operate more effectively and drive faster, more efficient business decisions.

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sales and marketing

Sales & Marketing Professionals

Our dedicated experts can help your teams eliminate the guesswork when it comes to your sales pipeline and achieve richer, actionable insights. By bringing together the power of Salesforce, Tableau, and Einstein AI, you’ll be able to visualize and predict opportunities at every stage to forecast more effectively, be proactive with sales insights, and hit your targets more frequently.

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Data Integration and Business Intel

Data Integration & Business Intelligence Professionals

Our hands-on approach to analytics, visualization, consulting, and training is what makes us the most trusted Tableau partner in North America. With over 200 projects completed annually and thousands of custom visualizations implemented, CoEnterprise’s data analytics practice provides companies with truly actionable insights for their business today.

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Systems Integration

Systems Integration Professionals

In today’s fast-paced business world, organizations face the growing challenge of finding ways to integrate their on-premise solutions with cloud-based applications. As a result, hybrid integration cloud has become one of the fastest growing technologies for businesses who require that connectivity. Our Hybrid Integration Platform (HIP) is here to help propel your business to the next level and into the future.

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