Syncrofy Integration Cloud for EDI Managed Services

The deep knowledge and expertise you need to optimize partner onboarding, reduce time to revenue, and decrease costs.

CoEnterprise’s Syncrofy Integration Cloud, our EDI managed services offering, helps companies like yours solve many of their common, daily integration challenges. From communication strategy, data transformation, and translation to data security visibility and analytics—we pride ourselves on being experts on everything integration. That paired with our outstanding client service makes us stand out from the rest. Let us help you realize the value of a modern B2B integration.

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Discover a Proactive & Collaborative Approach to Your B2B

Syncrofy Integration Cloud was born out of the desire to help our customers realize the exponential business value that modern B2B integration can drive. Through industry-leading technology, we enable a proactive and collaborative approach to your B2B relationships while substantially cutting the burden on your organization’s resources and empowering your success.

A Reliable Managed Services Partner

A Trusted & Reliable Partner to Lead Your Integration Journey

We have been successfully providing EDI managed services for our clients over the past decade. With a deep domain knowledge
and expertise in Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) and partner communications, legacy platform migrations, cloud deployments, 24×7 global platform support, and best-in-class customer service, our team offers a unique set of expertise and skills.

Syncrofy modern EDI standards

Our Proven Methodology

Our Syncrofy Integration Cloud offering leverages an extensive set of traditional and modern EDI standards including XML, X12, EDIFACT, HL7, RosettaNet, Tradacoms, as well as the ability to define custom standards. Syncrofy Integration Cloud supports a full range of trading partner communications including AS2 (Drummond certified), FTP/Secure FTP, or web services using SOAP or HTML and APIs.

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Where Unparalleled Value Meets Modern Quality

We believe that by leveraging best-in-class technology, paired with repeatable deployment assets, we can provide an award-winning service at a compelling cost in comparison with the market. CoEnterprise’s Syncrofy Integration Cloud includes a modern self-service, visibility, and analytics tool with advanced reporting capabilities.

Syncrofy Integration Cloud Delivers Results. Fast.

30% %

reduction trading partner onboarding time

65% %

improvement in customer satisfaction

50% %

reduction in new mapping requests turnaround time

78% %

increase in partner collaboration

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Learn why more companies are choosing CoEnterprise to spearhead their EDI managed services.

Managed Services Experts

Deep Industry Expertise

We maintain a strong list of referenceable clients and provide managed services for the biggest brands on the planet.

Uniquely Positioned to Help Solve Your Business Problems

Our combination of industry expertise along with a best-in-class, born in the cloud platform creates a formidable one-two punch to tackle your toughest integration challenges.

Continuous, Award-Winning Support

We go above and beyond the contract to help our clients service their customers and unlock significant cost savings.

Always On-Time and On-Budget

We realize the importance of adhering to your defined timeline and budget. That’s why we have a successful track record of proven results in delivering timely, cost-effective, world-class solutions.

Service with Minimal Disruption to Your Business

We understand the impact to your business users and the importance in providing training, hypercare, and change management methodologies to support adoption.

Dependable Client Service

Our success is your success. That’s why customer service is always our #1 priority. Our award-winning team is on hand to support you and your EDI operations.

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