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SnowTrail: Empowering Common Sense Data Security With Snowflake

SnowTrail was designed to help drive common sense security through Snowflake’s comprehensive auditing history. Virtually everything that happens in Snowflake is preserved–and SnowTrail has been built to make sense of it all and identify concerning patterns to help ensure your business is protected.

Snowflake makes those trends visible on an interactive timeline in Tableau–but just as importantly, it surfaces these events through Slack notifications. Directly in Slack, managers can take immediate action within their workflow whether that means following up with the individual or disabling their access to Snowflake on the spot.

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Identify Suspicious Activity

See it in Tableau and get alerted directly in Slack for concerning data patterns and take immediate action

Fast, Easy Implementation

Users can be trained in less than an hour and fully set up our data analytics accelerator in a matter of days

Fully Customizable

Our team of experts can tailor the solution based on your desired business outcomes

Do you know how much money you’re losing on runaway queries? Find out with RunAway.

Runaway queries are troublesome for any organization because they consume vast amounts of resources with potentially significant financial implications. That’s why we created RunAway.

RunAway notifies you in Slack when there are suspicious, stealth, runaway queries so you can take action immediately and stop them. With RunAway, you can explore your environment’s long-running queries in Tableau, set up Slack alerts, and collaborate with query owners to guard against wasteful cloud expenditures.

Safeguard your Snowflake bottom line with RunAway. Use our workbook to help identify how much you have lost.


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Reduced Costs

Our data analytics accelerator saves you money by not having to abort runaway queries or utilize tags to control query costs

Take Action in Real-Time

Get notified in Slack when a runaway query is in progress so you can take action immediately

Full Query Visibility

View all long-running queries in Tableau, understand savings over time, and enforce performance tagging policies where appropriate

Snowflake Role-Based Access Control: The Confidence to Safely Share Your Data

Our custom solution features a best practice configuration of Snowflake’s Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) architecture and an overview of existing access control implementation. It will help you identify current and often unknown security challenges, gaps in data governance, and offer roadmap recommendations. You will also receive a detailed security checklist, monitoring and auditing queries, and Tableau performance monitoring dashboards from our team of specialists.

Our Snowflake certified experts have the experience, flexibility, and technical skills to support your unique business goals. And because we’re a trusted Snowflake partner, you can rest assured that we’ll be there to support your ongoing needs.

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Simplify Compliance & Security

Confidently control Snowflake access across your organization

Reduce Complexity

As a trusted Snowflake partner, our data experts have the skill and knowledge to manage your RBAC solution with best practices in mind

Gain Peace of Mind

We’ll provide customized Snowflake guidance and expertise every step of the way to ensure long-term success

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Data Analytics Accelerator Improves Decision-Making Across Your Enterprise

At CoEnterprise, we’re continuously innovating to ensure people have the tools they need to make faster, smarter decisions at the speed of business. Our goal is to not only ensure you have everything you need to uncover your data today, but also as your business grows.

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