Data Analytics

Customized data guidance, strategy and deployment from trusted experts with decades of experience.

Our data analytics practice gives you the tools you need to gain valuable insights, answer complex business questions, make better-informed decisions, and ultimately take back control over your data—from experts you can trust.

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eBook: 5 Things To Know Before Implementing Embedded Analytics

Sales Pipeline

Sales Pipeline Mastery with the CoEnterprise Salesforce + Tableau + Einstein AI Data Integration Workflows

Housed within your Salesforce environment, our intelligent solution provides you with deep insights into your sales pipeline by integrating Salesforce, Tableau, and Einstein AI to visualize and predict your opportunities so you can prioritize, take action, and ultimately hit your targets more frequently. Get ready to make faster, smarter decisions, without the wasted time or effort!

Exceptional Training and Comprehensive Visibility

As a Tableau Premier Partner, we empower users across the world with superior product know-how, informative training, and optimized implementations. CoEnterprise will work with you and your teams to build the business case for your data and ensure that each bit of information is correctly mapped and connected to Tableau, providing you with true visibility and actionable insights.

Custom Visualizations

Custom Visualizations Including Fresh Ways to Visualize Your Data

A user’s Tableau environment is only as good as the strength of its visualizations and the amount of insights that the business can glean from their data. Our product experts will guide your teams through best practices and develop custom visualizations in dashboards to drive your success. See more examples.

Experienced Analytics Team

An Experienced Team to Guide Your Journey

Whether you’re an expert or a novice, a small business or an enterprise, CoEnterprise has the years of experience and the skills to interpret that knowledge to your teams, setting you up for continued success with your Tableau environment. We will give your organization the tools to use your data to solve business problems, increase efficiency across the business, and help you gain a competitive edge.

Snowflake Expertise and Guidance

As a Snowflake Select Partner and experts in all things data and analytics, we know how important your critical information is to your business. As your powerful solution for data warehousing, data engineering, data application development, and secure data sharing, Snowflake knows how to enable data-driven organizations. Let our experienced team guide you with a custom Snowflake solution to empower you with the flexibility and scalability you need to integrate, analyze, and securely share your data to optimize performance, collaborate seamlessly, and easily manage your data.

AI Experts

Deep AI Knowledge to Help You Accelerate Change

Artificial intelligence (AI) is impacting the future of many industries in a big way and its presence as a major technological driver isn’t weakening anytime soon. Our trusted experts can help your organization leverage the innovations in AI to improve data composability and drive a more agile and efficient integration of diverse data sources—creating a flexible, more user-friendly experience that allows you to easily connect data insights to real business actions.

Helping You Drive Your Data Strategy

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Our Analytics Practice Empowers You to Be More Data-Driven.

Tableau Prep

Tableau Prep

Get your data ready for consumption in Tableau with Tableau Prep. We have been aligned with Tableau Prep since its inception (we were even part of the pre-release program) and have been guiding customers with migrations, deployments, and best practices since the beginning.

Consulting And Licensing

Tableau Consulting & Licensing

We are a Tableau Premier Partner and know a thing or two about how to enable your team with this best-in-class data visualization tool. We are here to help you when it comes to determining what you need to improve data-driven decision making.

Embedded Analytics

Embedded Analytics

What if you were able to gain insights into your existing system so you and your team could make better-informed decisions by having all your data in once place? We are experts at doing just that.

Vizualized Analytics

Visualized Analytics

Data is best displayed as a graphic—that’s a fact. That’s why we enable our clients daily to better understand their data and tell the right story. Whether it’s through a simple dashboard, or a series of complex charts, we’ve got you covered.

Server Management

Server Architecture, Management, and Health Checks

We all know how frustrating it can be when your server times out. Don’t let it come to that. We are experts at managing and maintaining Tableau Servers and provide comprehensive health checks. Get the support you deserve, tailored to your needs and the peace of mind knowing your server is entrusted by the same partner thousands of other Tableau users trust.

Blueprint Organization

Empowering a Data-Driven Organization with Blueprint

We live and breathe data—and it shows. That’s why we are a big proponent to following and implementing the Tableau Blueprint methodology. We add value at every stage of the process, from discovery through to governance, deployment and evolution, tailored to your strategy, requirements and budget.

Solve Business Challenges with Alteryx

As an Alteryx partner, we have deep expertise in leading enablement and training services to solve users’ daily business challenges. Whether it’s geospatial analytics, creating customized models, developing dead net profit reports for vendor management programs, or automating reasonably expected near term demand for a trading desk (RENTD), we’ve got you covered. Plus, we are experts at helping IT departments deploy servers, maintain their security and permissions, set up scheduling, and provide training on server infrastructure.

Legacy Migrations

Migrations from Legacy Solutions to Tableau

Our Tableau experience ranges across various use cases and industries. We’ve helped multiple organizations migrate from legacy solutions to Tableau. These migration efforts further developed our expertise in real-time location reporting, custom visualizations with python, R, custom alerts, and more.

Snowflake RBAC

Who wants a laundry list of compliance and security-related issues? Nobody. But that’s what happens when you’re unable to effectively control Snowflake access through best practices. Don’t be held hostage by poor RBAC managementlet our passionate experts take the wheel.

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Use Cases

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Pharmaceutical Analytics Use CaseFinancial Services Analytics Use Case

Tableau Analytics Overview

Product Collateral

Tableau products transform the way people use data to solve problems, and as 2017 Tableau Partner of the Year, CoEnterprise has empowered users across the country with superior product know-how, informative training, and optimized implementations.

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