How Syncrofy Integration Cloud (SIC) Solves: Faster Scalability

By: Brandon Shores | May 6, 2024
In the frantic world of B2B integration, every second counts. As your business grows and integrates new customers, suppliers, and vendors, scaling shouldn’t be a headache–it should be seamless.

That’s why organizations are beginning to seek solutions that streamline scalability to quickly meet the demands of their business. As a result, many are turning to software as a service (SaaS) managed service solutions. 

According to IDC, managed service customers experience a whopping 60% boost in speed to market. 

There’s no doubt you’ve experienced challenges in getting to the market as fast as possible when it comes to B2B integrations (everyone does). And there are many factors that come into play that add to these challenges. 

At CoEnterprise, we’ve developed a revolutionary new offering called Syncrofy Integration Cloud (SIC). It’s a game-changing managed service alternative that will redefine your on-premise EDI/B2B operations and replace your existing solution. In part two of our series, we’ll examine how it can help you achieve faster scalability to meet your business’ ever-growing demands. 

ICYMI: Learn how SIC can help you achieve optimization of budget in part one of our series.

Fast scaling to meet demands

The ability to scale quickly to meet the growing demands of your business should be your top priority. Adding new customers, suppliers, and vendors is a good thing because it means growth. However, you need to be able to move as quickly as your business when it comes to onboarding and servicing these new relationships because you want your partners to have the best experience possible. 

With Syncrofy Integration Cloud (SIC), you’ll get a solution scaled precisely to your needs with the exact skill set required to accomplish your goals (e.g. provisioning new connections, new transactions, and monitoring successfully). From an Infrastructure and design perspective, it’s scaled with your consumption needs in mind without requiring any notice. Delivery services also scale as your acquisition and backlog of partners waiting to be onboarded increases.

Infrastructure management

As your company builds backlog, acquires new organizations, and continues to grow, infrastructure is a complexity that becomes increasingly difficult to manage. You need to ensure it’s highly scalable to meet business demands including servers, databases, network bandwidth, and various other hardware and software components–as every element of your tech backbone must be prepared to expand. But it’s not just about having more, it’s about managing more efficiently. Your ability to handle massive swings in transaction volumes is critical to the success of your B2B integration efforts. Moreover, routine maintenance like patching and upgrades can drain your resources, both time and money.

Designed as a multi-tenant and multi-enterprise solution, SIC is built to take these challenges off your plate without having to worry about infrastructure scalability or downtime.

Operational support

Another key component of scaling with your business is your ability to support the operation. This includes maintenance, monitoring,  alerting, and visibility.  All of these actions require skilled resources which equates to cost and time. As volumes increase, having a system that is scalable to the workload is critical. Monitoring and alerting of data failures, infrastructure failures, and even SLAs becomes critical. 

But let’s be honest, hiring resources is time consuming and costly. It can take months to find the right candidates and then additional time to onboard them to systems, teams, and processes. That’s why SIC scales at your pace and does it quickly which allows you to stay ahead of your business and your partners.

Platform flexibility

Platform flexibility with your integrations is also extremely crucial. Having the ability to integrate with multiple back-end platforms utilizing a single solution is becoming more and more critical in today’s landscape. We all have a growing number of enterprise level applications that need to talk to each other so that we can be informed and make the best decisions for our company as possible. 

SIC can perform these operations for you and remove the necessity for complex and costly middleware. This enables you to seamlessly integrate with your multiple back-end platforms to streamline operations and empower informed decision-making.

Reduced costs

Let’s not beat around the bush. The biggest factor in any business decision usually comes down to cost. As your business scales you need a partner that can not only scale with you but also provide predictive pricing that makes the overall solution cost effective while demonstrating an ROI for your business. 

SIC eliminates the need for you to manage your infrastructure by providing a highly available and secure one with built-in compliance measures–and ZERO hidden fees. And with 24/7 monitoring and automatic upgrades, SIC ensures that critical data continues to drive business success without the hassle of infrastructure maintenance.

Faster Scalability with SIC

How SIC can help you achieve your goals

Syncrofy Integration Cloud (SIC) is a fully managed service that allows you to get back to focusing on your business. Functioning as a multi-tenant, cloud-based SaaS, SIC seamlessly transforms files from EDI platforms into easily consumable formats for your partners’ ERP systems and vice versa. SIC, coupled with Syncrofy, a powerful supply chain visibility platform, establishes communication channels and captures transactions for enhanced visibility—empowering you to achieve: 

  • 24/7/365 transaction lifecycle visibility
  • Reduced complexity
  • High scalability
  • Real-time efficiency improvements
  • Reduced infrastructure footprint
  • Hassle-free management
  • Best-in-class implementation methodology
  • 24×7 system monitoring and support

The CoEnterprise Difference

We are committed to helping you get the most out of your investment. With deep expertise in B2B/ERP integration, application modernization, cloud enablement, and legacy platform migrations–we complete every project in less time, with fewer resources and better outcomes. And it’s more than just our experience–we offer a proven, award-winning process that assures on-time, on-budget service delivery reliability with superior customer support. Your success story begins with CoEnterprise.

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