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New Features for Syncrofy Allow Users to Gain More Insights from Data

By: Pasquale Gatti | January 8, 2019

Today we announced some major enhancements to our flagship supply chain visibility software, Syncrofy, by adding advanced dashboarding functionality and introducing the ability for users to cross-filter and drill down into their data to make quicker, more well-informed decisions.

Dashboard Cross-Filtering

Syncrofy’s Dashboards enable users to view the health of their business, whether it’s by viewing the flow of their transactions, analyzing their business partners, or reviewing financial data in an easy-to-read chart form. These dashboards provide actionable insights to business teams that drive better decision-making in real-time.

With Syncrofy’s new cross-filtering functionality, users are able to explore and pinpoint their data across dashboard charts. For example, users can now click a Business Partner inside a dashboard widget to cross-filter the entire dashboard to provide business insights specific to that particular partner, providing users the ability to judge partner performance in a vendor scorecard. Cross-filtering also requires only a single click within dashboards to see this data.

insights from data


Drill Down Into Your Data

To complement cross-filtering, Syncrofy also now features a “drill-down” filter that allows users to gain access to the underlying data within their dashboard, allowing them to dig deeper into their transactions and gain advanced understanding of their business.

For example, Syncrofy retail customers can easily monitor product availability and inventory by interactively drilling into category, supplier and store location, while manufacturing customers can analyze their entire supply chain to ensure that products are being shipped and delivered on time. This level of data monitoring and document correlation provides actionable advice for users, allowing them to prevent fines or chargebacks and stay on top of their business transactions.


“At CoEnterprise, we feel that business visibility should be more than just a pretty picture, and that solving functional business issues should be as easy as a single click,” said Joe Mandato, Director of So Engineering. “By providing these new features, we feel that Syncrofy adds more value to our customers by helping them obtain deeper insights into their data. Additionally, these changes simplify the entire process for the user—raising the bar for enterprise software to today’s standards of consumer technology.”

Both Fortune 10 companies and SMBs across various industries and verticals have used Syncrofy to gain a better understanding of their EDI data. These new Dashboarding functionalities are just some of the many updates to be made to the Syncrofy platform in 2019. Further improvements and large new features will be announced at a later date and will be found on display at this year’s IBM Think, to be held in February at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, CA.

For a closer look at these new dashboard functionalities, check out this brief tutorial video:

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