Retail Data Analytics

Stay ahead of your competition, establish brand equity, empower customer engagement, and proactively monitor your supply chain and inventory.

Retail is undergoing considerable change and has been recently affected by a global pandemic, economic downturns, and changing consumer behaviors and demands. As a result, retailers have turned to more robust analytics solutions, BI tools, and data to better understand their customers’ buying behaviors and retail data analytics is at the heart of that decision-making. CoEnterprise has helped retailers drastically transform the way they do business by leveraging their own data to gain insights that drive real value.

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retail data analytics

Ongoing Supply Chain Management & Monitoring

Are you experiencing delayed fulfillment times? Are high fulfillment costs a struggle? Or is full supply chain visibility an ongoing talking point at your firm? You are not alone.

Supply chain monitoring has never been so important to retailers. The recent pandemic has highlighted the need for full visibility into your suppliers. Our Supply Chain Management & Monitoring dashboard enables you to gain greater insight into your supply chain. Built specifically for retailers during the COVID-19 pandemic, this retail data analytics dashboard enables you to seamlessly track and monitor your existing suppliers based on geolocation, identify new potential suppliers should you need to pivot quickly, and easily qualify risks that may affect essential and in-demand goods. The outcome? A smooth, well-oiled supply chain machine.

How will this dashboard help you?

You’ll get greater visibility into:

  • Your supply chain and your suppliers
  • Risks associated with essential and high-demand goods
  • Supply chain performance against KPIs
  • New suppliers should you need to pivot quickly

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Seamlessly Analyze Supply Chain Risk

Mitigating supply chain risk is at the forefront of every supply chain professional’s mind. Whether you are battling an operational or disruption risk–effective monitoring, planning, and scenario stress testing need to be a top priority.

Many retailers have changed from managing risk with deeper supply chain relationships and retail data analytics to preparing for a major catastrophe. Our Supply Chain Risk dashboard analyzes current supply chain risks faced by retailers. Suppliers are grouped by industry to isolate the affected aspects of the supply chain. It considers three tiers of the supply chain: tier 1 (main suppliers), tier 2 (their suppliers’ suppliers), and tier three (the lowest level of suppliers), enabling you to successfully monitor all risks across all tiers. Remember, when a third-party supplier faces problems, everyone in the supply chain is affected–even the end consumer.

How will this dashboard help you?

You can manipulate this dashboard to get greater visibility into:

  • All tiers of your suppliers and the risks associated with each tier
  • Which suppliers carry larger risks over others
  • Legal and regulatory violations
  • Reputation revelations unbeknownst to you
  • High-impact events like fluctuating markets, environmental catastrophes, systemic events, geopolitical crises, and now a global pandemic

retail data analytics

Retail Data Analytics for Understanding Customer Behaviors

Analyzing buyer and browsing behaviors of customers is the most important aspect of modern retailers. The more information a retailer can gain on a customer, the higher the chance of creating positive brand recognition with the consumer to effectively meet their needs. Furthermore, eCommerce retailers want to know where to find those customers and deliver compelling messaging now and in the future.

Ultimately, the more a retailer knows about a customer, the better. Detailed consumer insight allows retailers to deliver the right product, at the right time, at the right place. Our Analyzing Customer Behaviors dashboard facilitates analysis of cross-buy between two product offerings: physical product and support subscription. Cross-buying drives long-term relationships with customers allowing the retailer to pivot and adjust its strategy based on demand trends.

How will this dashboard help you?

By manipulating this dashboard, you could gain greater insight into:

  • Customer buying patterns and behaviors
  • Understand customer demands and trends
  • Cross-buying patterns and behaviors and revenue impact
  • Key KPI’s – interpurchase time, ration of product returns, category of first purchase in relation to cross-buy, impact of marketing efforts

Empowering Retail Success Through Data Visualization

How Retail Data Analytics Solutions can help your business grow and flourish

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Empower Your Data Collection Process

As a retailer, collecting data from a variety of sources–both internal and external–to better understand and predict the behavior of customers from a central location is paramount to your success. Whether that data is coming from customer interaction, social networks, or other sources, understanding, managing, and easily visualizing it will help your teams be more successful.


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Improve Decision-Making and Increase Profits

With the increased variety and depth of data sources, information curated by retailers and CPG companies will become more actionable. Having the ability to uncover insights from all areas of an organization will drive better-informed decisions, open up new revenue opportunities, and better predict successful outcomes across your organization.

retail data analytics

Enhancing Customer Experience & Empowering Brand Loyalty

Learning from your customers and providing a stellar customer experience is what will make you stand out from the crowd. Consumers are demanding more and it’s imperative that retailers understand and analyze the history and behaviors of loyal customers and anticipate their future needs to retain existing customers and strengthen your brand.

retail data analytics

Save Time and Focus on Running Your Business

Building a visual that tells the right story about your data is critical. That’s why we empower our clients with retail data analytics to do just that. Whether it’s via a simple dashboard or a series of complex charts, we’ve got you covered so you can focus on running your business and empowering decisions.

We’ve Got You Covered to Empower your Retail Data Analytics Strategy

  • Custom Dashboarding
  • Retail Data Analytics Strategy Development
  • Data Strategy Development
  • Data Cleansing and Data Prep
  • Enterprise Deployments
  • Legacy Migrations
  • On-Premise to Cloud Migrations
  • On-Premise to Online Migrations
  • Ongoing Training & Support

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