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Gallery of Our Work

We are proud of what we do for our clients.

Check out some of our latest dashboards we’ve created to help our clients make more informed data-driven decisions. We work across all departments and industries, including retail, CPG, industrial, communications, media, technology, financial services, and life sciences. How can we help you better understand your data?

COVID-19 Retail & CPG Supply Chain

By leveraging easy to access COVID-19 data, users can identify potential supply chain weaknesses and quickly define next steps to pivot and secure the availability of vital goods in high demand. See our related blog post for additional information.



Gartner Magic Quadrant Dashboard

This dashboard is an analysis of the Gartner Magic Quadrant reports for BI tools. It interpolates a path for some high performers over the past few years these reports were released, showing how each company’s Ability to Execute and Completeness of Vision progresses over time.


Supply Chain Risk

This dashboard analyzes current supply chain risk. Suppliers are grouped by industry to isolate specific aspects of the supply chain that are affected. It considers three tiers of the supply chain: main suppliers (tier 1), their suppliers (tier 2), and the lowest level of suppliers (tier 3). Clicking suppliers in each tier reveals the suppliers that feed up to them.


Healthcare Admissions

This dashboard is designed to provide a campus, facility, and member overview of the admissions across a health care organization. Insight into admission budgets and admissions over time highlights outliers for immediate actionability.


Building and Maintenance

This dashboard reviews tasks by a variety of workgroups on buildings. It drills down into the status of tasks, workgroups, or buildings. These analyses help to determine which workgroup has the highest amount of open tasks and is in need of hiring, which building has the largest amount of task requests and is in need of higher budget, which tasks took the most days to complete, and the description to hopefully explain why it took so long.


Financial Services Credit Card Request Tracking

This dashboard helps track credit card requests for external client data throughout the world. It tracks the progress of each request, how long the request took, and if they met the agreed upon date for each step of the process.


Retail Customer Analysis of Cross-Buy Products

This dashboard facilitates analysis of cross-buy between two product offerings: physical product and support subscription. Cross-buy drives long-term relationships with customers, and a deeper demographic exploration portion shows which subset of buyers tend to fall into this category.


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