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What is C-O-E? A Closer Look at Our Core Values and Spirited Culture

By: Pasquale Gatti | March 21, 2019

We’ve always believed in the importance of a strong culture and the positive effect it can have throughout an organization. We also realize it’s not something you can just magically create. It has to be cultivated and is ultimately shaped by the people that are a part of it.

We’re proud to have been included in Crain’s 100 Best Places to Work in NYC list and continuing to grow and promote our culture will always be one of our top priorities. That’s why we wanted to give you a little taste of what “COE” stands for and how our amazing employees help to embody those principles every day.



For us, collaboration means the willingness to keep an open mind while fostering superior team building both within the COE community and with our clients. This is perfectly exemplified by Don Cherestal, a member of our quality assurance team.

Don isn’t your typical QA Engineer. He isn’t siloed off with the software developers, with his head down on new releases. In actuality, Don serves as a center of knowledge for Syncrofy for the entire company, and he’s walking proof of our unique sense and culture of collaboration. One part of his job is interacting with different parts of the organization, including the support team, sales, integration and customer success, pointing out bugs or answering questions on anything Syncrofy.

“I get to interact with other departments on a daily basis,” he says. “That goes a long way in helping me understand what the company as a whole is trying to accomplish with Syncrofy. I’m not just working in a vacuum.”

It’s not just Don that has this ability to work with different parts of the company. In fact, that’s how it is for many of our people.



We see ownership as taking pride in our work, having accountability for our actions, and displaying a willingness to take responsibility and drive success. These are key values that are critical to the success of our people and overall culture. It’s that vow to accept ownership that ensures our entire staff takes pride in their work.

One of the best examples of this is Kyle McCracken, our Director of Solution Architecture. Kyle oversees many of the personalized professional services solutions we deliver to our customers daily. One aspect of his day involves prioritizing and making time for challenges that may arise, not only in regards to the deliverables that he’s accountable for, but for when members of his team come to him with requests that could turn his seemingly normal day into an all-nighter.

“I love what I do and I’m passionate about it, so when issues arise and I have to work long hours, it’s never a burden.”

As a leader within the company, Kyle is responsible for the success of his team as a whole and makes it a priority to walk around the office to check in with them, review what they’re working on or answer any project-related questions they may have.

It doesn’t end there; even as a director, Kyle finds the time every day to roll up his sleeves and offer a helping hand.



At COE we hold ourselves to a high standard and always work to put our best foot forward, act in an ethical manner, and refuse to accept anything that is just “good enough.” It’s that commitment to excellence that ensures our work adheres to the highest standards possible.

Account Executive Joe Niewiadomski embodies that spirit to a T. As a Business Analytics Account Executive, Joe works to manage our Tableau client accounts and act as a point of contact between them and COE as well as identify potential new customers and supervise account reps.

For the early stage meetings, Joe has a progression for how he interacts with potential clients and it starts with first understanding their needs and the impact of those needs on their business. From there, he determines if they could benefit from our services, and if so, he works to move the deal along and get them started with a COE consultant.

“The process doesn’t end after they get started,” he says. “I continue to talk with them to uncover new opportunities because the goal is to stay with them if they continue to have a need for our services. Getting our consultants in the door is the most important thing. Showing our value then becomes easy because satisfaction is always high.”

Those are just some of the ways our team members work to not just be a part of our culture, but to live it every day.

It’s certainly one of the reasons COE is such a great place to work.

To learn more about becoming a part of our dynamic team and current openings, please visit our Careers page.

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