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New With Syncrofy: On-Time Shipments

By: Pasquale Gatti | December 14th, 2020

If you’re a retailer then you know how important it is to ensure your suppliers are making on-time shipments. In fact, 3% of all retailer sales are lost to late shipments. It’s an unfortunate reality that’s a result of not having visibility into your supply chainspecifically your supplier’s progress on your orders and shipments.

More Proactive, Less Reactive to Save Time and Money

To solve this challenge, we’re excited to announce on-time shipment exceptions for Syncrofy for Supply Chain! This feature empowers you to configure proactive notifications to alert you when a shipment is late so you can take appropriate action to increase your replenishment orders or order more goods from an alternative supplier.

on-time shipments

To configure this feature, simply navigate to the “Order Life Cycle Configurations” menu and edit “Rules.” There, you can specify your very own definition of a late shipment based on the actual Shipment Date, Expected Shipment Date, or Requested Delivery Date.

For example, you can set up a rule to “expect the Shipment Date 1 day before the requested delivery date.” Then, you can choose to escalate the issue if it’s not resolved after a specific timeframe. 

on-time shipments

Syncrofy will then create an exception when a Shipment Date is one day before (or on the same day, or the day after) the Requested Delivery Date. That information will be stored on the order so you can report on your supplier’s on-time delivery rate over time. You will also get an alert the moment your criteria is not met so you can resolve the matter in a timely fashion. Click here to learn more about exceptions.

This new functionality is another way we’re helping you see your Supply Chain in a whole new light with the visibility you need to ensure you never miss a beat.

To learn more about configuring order life cycles in Syncrofy, check out our Help site. To find out more about the power of Syncrofy for Supply Chain and how it can help you achieve full visibility into your network, click here.

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