Syncrofy for Supply Chain Visibility

Real-time visibility to break down barriers across your supply chain.

Did you know that only 6% of supply chain professionals claim to have full visibility into their supply chain? It’s time for that to change.

With Syncrofy for Supply Chain (SSC), you’ll have complete order visibility across your network. SSC’s advanced real-time analytics and insights help you identify challenges and prioritize and solve them before problems occurempowering you to eliminate costly fines and fees, prevent late payments and late shipments, and realize revenue faster.

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Order Lifecycle Visibility

Full Order Lifecycle VisibilityFrom Purchase Order to Invoice

Syncrofy for Supply Chain delivers information to you in real-time, so you can see everything that is happening across your network and not miss a beat. It calculates fill rate and lead time for both orders and shipments, in total and for each line item, without customization or configurationensuring you get the most accurate information with minimal work upfront.


Resolve Discrepancies

Easily Identify, Prioritize, and Resolve Discrepancies with a Few Clicks

With SSC, you can reconcile invoices against purchase orders, shipment documentation, and receipts to identify quantity and price discrepancies. Powerful visualization technology lets you analyze trends to compare suppliers on key metrics like fill rate, lead time, errors, and delays so you can order more from your best suppliers and work with your least efficient to improve their performance.

A Centralized Platform

A Centralized Platform & Single Version of the Truth

Tailored for supply chain professionals, SSC consolidates information that’s scattered throughout multiple systems and makes it accessible for all users in all departments. And since different departments and trading partners view and interpret supply chain data in slightly different ways, you’ll have everyone on the same page without any grey area.

Creating a Data Culture

The Key to Creating a Data-Driven Culture Around Your Supply Chain

It may feel like a challenge, but it’s easy when you have the right tool. SSC is your catalyst to developing a data-driven, self-service culture around your supply chain by enabling everyone in your organization to share information, work together, and solve problems collaboratively, without relying on IT resources.

Syncrofy Delivers Results. Fast.

30 %

reduction in revenue leakage

65 %

improvement in customer satisfaction

30 %

 reduction in chargebacks

53 %

saving on researching documents

Syncrofy Delivers Results

Reduce Revenue Leakage

Reduce Revenue Leakage By Up to 30%

For retailers, late shipments have a critical effect on the bottom line. With SSC, you can make those costly oversights a thing of the past, retain your revenue, and save money.

Reduce Chargebacks

Reduce Chargebacks By Up to 30%

Because SSC empowers you to stay proactive when it comes to your supply chain, you’ll be able to put a stop to those pesky chargebacks from retailers and easily implement a chargeback program so you can monitor obligations and carry out an improvement plan.

Eliminate Late Payments

Eliminate Late Payments from Customers

With SSC, you can guarantee you are paid on time, ensuring negotiated discounts (2% or more) while improving your credit worthiness.

Save Time Searching

Save Valuable Time You Spend on Research

Many organizations lack access to historical data to answer questions or analyze trends. SSC eliminates the time you spend searching, up to 53%, by making all your supply chain data available to you via powerful search functionalityno matter how far back in time you need to go.

Improve Customer Satisfaction

Significantly Improve Customer Satisfaction

On-time payments and shipments lead to better-informed decisions. That means happier customers who are satisfied doing business with youup to 65% happier.

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Key Features

  • Order Lifecycle Visibility
  • Invoice Reconciliation
  • Document Collection & Search
  • Exception & Chargeback Notifications
  • Alerts & Notifications
  • Partner Collaboration
  • Custom Reporting & Dashboarding
  • Plus many more!

Confused About Which Solution is Right For You?

We’ve got you covered with this comprehensive comparison guide comparing the capabilities of Syncrofy for EDI & IT vs Syncrofy for Supply Chain.


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Better understand your supply chain data in real-time, alleviating stress on IT resources and allowing your business to operate faster and smarter, immediately.

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