Application Modernization

The system integration expertise you need to reduce costs, streamline resources, and drive growth.

CoEnterprise’s integration specialists can guide you on your B2B/MFT modernization journey. Our extensive history of cloud and application expertise will help ensure your infrastructure and applications are optimized and cloud-ready—helping you reduce costs, improve security, save time, and drive revenue growth.

Why Application Modernization?

Modernization projects can be a daunting challenge for organizations—but they also offer a great opportunity. You can reorganize and adjust your B2B/MFT strategies to align with the latest requirements, get a jump on digital transformation, and achieve a plethora of business-boosting benefits.

Cloud-Ready Applications That Drive Revenue Growth

Here’s the thing—business is shifting towards the cloud and if you resist you could be left behind. By containerizing your legacy B2B/MFT applications, they immediately become cloud-ready—allowing you to reap those benefits including portability, elasticity, scalability, and resiliency. Our experienced team can help you get there with our proven 3-step application modernization process.

Cost Reduction & Automation of Manual Tasks

It’s a proven fact that organizations that modernize are four more times likely to experience a significant cost reduction. This is due to the cost-cutting associated with dumping physical data centers and utilities. Our integration experts can help you achieve that savings by streamlining your move to the cloud and helping you automate previously manual tasks.

Improved Security and Time-Savings Benefits

We hate to be the one to tell you this but your outdated legacy system is a security breach waiting to happen. By modernizing, you’re securing your B2B/MFT applications with encryption backed by the latest best practices. It also makes them more agile so they can be deployed much quicker. Our trusted experts can facilitate your move to the cloud so tasks that took hours to complete can now be accomplished in a matter of seconds

For Fast Results, Consider Our Application Expertise.

Cloud and Application Proficiency

Typically, system integrators boast either cloud or B2B/MFT application expertise. We have broad experience across both. As you embark upon your modernization journey, we can help you determine which cloud providers will be a part of your strategy going forward and help you create a plan to ensure you set up your infrastructure and applications correctly.

Long-Standing Partnerships

Our strong, lasting relationships with some of the largest and most successful cloud and container providers in the space, including Red Hat and IBM, makes us your trusted partner for your digital transformation.

A Proven Methodology and Approach

We guide you by utilizing a proven cloud migration methodology to replace slow, monolithic B2B/MFT applications with a highly available, agile hybrid cloud platform—and our holistic approach focuses on both applications and infrastructure to create the best possible outcomes.

Red Hat Advanced Business Partner

We support successful implementations of Red Hat’s open hybrid cloud products, including Red Hat Enterprise Linux; Red Hat OpenShift; Red Hat OpenStack Platform; Red Hat Storage; and Red Hat Middleware. Our technical expertise and working practices help deliver a high degree of customer satisfaction across a range of deployment scenarios and projects.

IBM Platinum Business Partner

We are an IBM Platinum Business Partner and one of IBM’s largest B2B Integration software resellers. This unique position allows us to combine expert product knowledge with superior technical skills to provide customers with a seamless software purchase and implementation experience.

We Are Your Modernization Experts

  • Cloud & B2B/MFT Application Expertise
  • 3-Step Application Modernization Process
  • Business Process Automation
  • Software Integration
  • Best Practice Architecture & Implementation
  • In-House Experts
  • Competitive Migration Services
  • Training & Onboarding
  • Adoption, Growth & Ongoing Support
  • Plus much more!





Why You Need to Modernize Your Legacy Applications

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