CoEnterprise Upgrades Let Firms Fix Supply Chain Challenges

By: PYMNTS | May 24, 2021

CoEnterprise, a technology firm that works in the supply chain and business analytics space, upgraded its signature Syncrofy subscription offering. The new functionalities let purchasers and vendors expediently discover and remedy invoice, shipping and order anomalies prior to the time they affect the company, according to a Monday (May 24) announcement.

CoEnterprise’s Syncrofy system collects and cross references information from different enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, payment platforms, warehouse planning systems and other technologies to provide users with one view of what is occurring throughout the supply chain, the announcement stated.

“We’re breaking down barriers across the supply chain with real-time visibility, data and collaboration,” CoEnterprise Chief Product Officer Mahesh Nandyala said in the announcement. “The latest enhancements come at a time when many businesses are facing capacity constraints and struggling to manage supply and demand issues.”

The Syncrofy offering, which is fueled by live analytics, lets clients bolster performance, according to the announcement. To that end, Syncrofy offers data-based evidence and analysis to surmount chargebacks and streamline dispute resolution. It also provides automatic invoice, payment, order and shipment reconciliation.

In addition, Syncrofy offers immediate visibility into short shipments, which lets purchasers proactively reorder or locate a new source of supply, while it also provides a line-level look into shipments, orders and payments. Moreover, it digitizes collaboration between the purchaser and the vendor, the announcement stated.

Syncrofy intends to provide additional functionalities harnessing “Industry 4.0 technologies,” according to the announcement.

In separate news, previously launched its Jinghui Digital Supply Chain Platform, which a company blog post stated will work to offer full-scale digital supply chain support.

The offering “provides full-scenario solutions for enterprises on supply chain management, especially in the area of supply chain design, supply chain planning and supply chain execution, covering the industries of fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG), automotive aftermarket, home appliance and more.”

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