CoEnterprise Rebrands Syncrofy As ‘The AI-Enabled Supply Chain Platform’ & Introduces AI-Powered Shipment Date Predictions to Improve Forecasting, Operational Efficiency

NEW YORK, NY – June 25, 2024 – CoEnterprise, an enterprise software and services company that solves business challenges in real-time with data, today announced the rebranding of Syncrofy as “The AI-Enabled Supply Chain Platform” and released shipment date predictions. Powered by machine learning (ML), this groundbreaking feature will empower users to anticipate shipment timelines, make better-informed decisions, and increase the overall efficiency of their supply chain operations.

Tailored for supply chain professionals, Syncrofy is an AI-powered, multi-enterprise supply chain analytics data platform that enables transparency, intelligence, and automation across supply chain networks. It helps organizations prioritize supply chain challenges and solve problems before they occur—empowering them to eliminate costly fines and fees, prevent late payments and late shipments, and realize revenue faster. Syncrofy enables companies to consolidate information that’s scattered throughout multiple systems and make it accessible for all users in all departments, without having to leverage IT staff or resources.

To achieve this new functionality, Syncrofy utilizes an in-depth understanding of business to business processes, data formats, and order to cash/procure to pay business flow to build a machine learning (ML) model that accurately forecasts shipment dates. Users can also generate reports on the predicted ship dates to identify when a product will arrive and achieve greater visibility into shipping timelines. By identifying potential early or late arrivals, organizations can optimize their supply chain processes, enhance customer satisfaction, and mitigate risks associated with shipment delays.

“Our mission has always been to empower people with the tools to break down barriers to make faster, smarter business decisions,” said Michael Rabinowitz, CEO of CoEnterprise. “The introduction of AI and machine learning into Syncrofy with shipment date predictions is a testament to that and our commitment to providing customers with unparalleled supply chain visibility and intelligence. With this new feature, we’re not just enhancing forecasting accuracy—we’re revolutionizing the way our users manage their supply chains by empowering them to make better-informed decisions and optimize resources more effectively.”

CoEnterprise previously announced the addition of single sign-on functionality for Syncrofy in February 2024 to bolster security, simplify password management, and streamline access control.

“By leveraging advanced ML algorithms, we’re enabling supply chain professionals to anticipate challenges before they arise and streamline processes to drive better outcomes for their organizations,” said Tracy Silverberg, Senior Product Manager at CoEnterprise. “This enhancement not only improves the accuracy of shipment forecasts but also provides our users with the critical insights they need to get the most out of their supply chain operations, make proactive decisions, and achieve high levels of customer satisfaction.”

For businesses seeking to drive supply chain efficiency, eliminate errors, and enhance overall operational effectiveness, Syncrofy offers a game changing solution. For more information about Syncrofy and its groundbreaking capabilities, please visit

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