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The CoEnterprise Viz Contest 2015

By: Pasquale Gatti | July 31, 2015

Still trying to get to Tableau Conference 2015 (TC15) in Las Vegas or just want to win some cool prizes? All you have to do is enter the CoEnterprise Viz Contest in Boston on September 10th, 2015 for your chance to win. Compete against fellow Tableau users for the esteemed title of CoE Viz Wizard 2015 and win some fantastic prizes. The competition is open to users of all levels who want to show off their data visualization skills. Here’s how the contest works:

A panel of judges comprised of a CoEnterprise Tableau Expert, TUG leader, and Tableau Zen Master will evaluate all submissions based on the following criteria (100 point scale):

  • 25 points – Overall Appeal
  • 25 points – Design Elements
  • 50 points – Storytelling/Data Analysis/Findings

Where Does it Take Place?

Seaport Boston Hotel & World Trade Center, Boston, MA
September 10th, 2015
5:30 pm to 8:30 pm

Enjoy snacks and refreshments while you work and appetizers and libations afterwards!


5:30 pm – Doors open. Meet and greet. Calisthenics, stretching, pre-game yoga (and friendly trash talk).
6:00 pm – Kickoff. Welcome. Rules. Intro.
6:15 pm – START!
6:55 pm – Recommended stop time to publish to Tableau Public.
7:00 pm – HARD STOP! Mice down. Presentations begin.
7:45 pm – Announcement of winners.
8-8:30 pm – Meet & greet and happy hour with winners.

What Are the Prizes?

First Place: TC15 Conference Pass* + $250 Visa Gift Card (to assist with travel to conference)
Second Place: TC15 Conference Pass*
Third Place: iPad

* The conference pass (valued at $1595) may not be transferred to anyone without CoEnterprise’s approval or sold at any cost. Winners are responsible for their own travel costs to and from TC15 including airfare, lodging, entertainment, and food. Limited alternate prizes will be available to winners who already have a Tableau Conference 2015 pass.

Contest Rules

  1. Any resident of the U.S. or Canada, who is not currently employed by Tableau, Tableau partners, or CoEnterprise is eligible to enter.
  2. You must register in order to attend, even if you would like to join as a spectator instead of contestant.
  3. If you attend as a spectator, be respectful of the competition. No fans, mascots, noise makers, or cheering sections please.
  4. All contestants must attend in person to be eligible to win.
  5. Arrive between 5:30 pm and 6:00 pm. DOORS CLOSE AT 6:00 pm, so be on time!
  6. Bring your own computer and software to compete. Tables, power strips, and Wi-Fi will be provided. Don’t forget a power cord, mouse, headphones, and other extras.
  7. You must compete solo. No team entries accepted.
  8. You’ll have exactly 45 minutes to create a data visualization (1 dashboard, minimum 3 worksheets and 2 actions).
  9. Dashboards will be built in Tableau version 8.0 or higher and published to Tableau Public (ensure you have a Tableau Public account and know your credentials).
  10. Once published, email your URL to Emails received after 7:00 pm will be immediately disqualified.
  11. Modifications to entries after 7:00 pm or entries re-posted to Tableau Public after 7:00 pm will be immediately disqualified.
  12. You will have 60 seconds to present your case to our panel of judges for why your solution is stellar.
  13. You must use at least 1 of the provided data sets. Data sets are provided for review 3 days prior to the competition.
  14. A panel of 3 independent judges will declare the top 3 winners.
  15. Any attempted bribing of the judges will count as grounds for disqualification.

Who are the Judges?

Steve Wexler – Zen Master and Iron Viz Champion
Tiffany Spaulding – Adoption & Enablement Coach at CoEnterprise
Anthony Chamberas – Boston TUG Leader & Director of BI at Genesys

Data Set Rules

Data sets are provided for review 3 days prior to the competition. You must use at least 1 of the provided data sets. Links to the contest data sets will be emailed to the email address provided during registration.

You are Permitted to: 

  • Study the data, practice, make a plan, show up knowing what you’re going to build (we hope you do this as it will improve your quality).
  • Modify the structure of the data by pivoting, renaming or cleaning, and bringing these changes with you.
  • Bring additional complementary data (for example, maybe you want to add some weather data), but the primary data of your visualization must be at least one of the provided data sets.
  • Bring artistic enhancements with you (custom shapes, logos).
  • Bring a custom Preferences.tps file containing custom color palettes.

You May Not: 

  • Bring any visual component (other than art assets) or code. ALL viz pieces must be built during the 1 hour competition.
  • Bring your own data set and not use one of the provided ones.
  • Begin from a previously built or starter Tableau workbook. All contestants must start from scratch.

How Can I Enter?

Simply fill out and submit the registration form. You’ll receive details via email shortly before the event. Good luck and happy dashboarding! If you have additional questions or need more information, please email Tauni MacLean at

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