SnowTrail: Making Common Sense Security Possible in Snowflake

By: Phil D'Amico | March 9th, 2022
Suspicious activity is all around us–and it’s especially prevalent at the enterprise level.

Actions like downloading CSV files with personal information, searching for a co-worker’s salary, and creating a fake user to gain certain permissions are events that take place every day. The big problem is many of them aren’t detected until it’s too late. 

The Dilemma

The main issue lies within the fact that these actions, while inherently wrong, are not considered so by a database. And while large companies may have the tools and resources to detect this activity, they’re not common to the average enterprise. 

But what if they were?

A Practical Solution

SnowTrail is a tool that reveals suspicious behavior and concerning data patterns in Snowflake and relays it to the appropriate managers. Not only does SnowTrail identify the activity, it makes it visible on an interactive timeline in Tableau and through Slack notifications–empowering managers to take immediate action within their workflow (e.g. disabling their access to Snowflake on the spot or simply dismissing the alert altogether). 

This tool was born out of a necessity and a need that was observed through our passionate team. At CoEnterprise, our Snowflake certified experts have the experience, flexibility, and technical skills to support your unique business goals. And because we’re a trusted Snowflake partner, you can rest assured that we’ll be there to support your ongoing needs.

Easy, No-Hassle Setup

If you’re already a Snowflake user, we can set you up with SnowTrail in less than a week. If you’re just getting started, this is a powerful tool even in the early days of your deployment when your security and governance is most vulnerable.  

SnowTrail integration is straightforward. The application is fully customizable to your needs, and we can get your users trained in less than an hour. In 24 hours, you can bet that your Snowflake users will know about it and think twice about their behavior. 

Ready to Take the Next Step?

If you’re ready to give SnowTrail a test drive and see what it can do for your data security, click here
to set up a 15-minute introductory chat plus a FREE Starbucks drink. 
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