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Is Your Supply Chain Data All Over the Place?

By: Pasquale Gatti | November 7, 2019

We realize how critical your supply chain is to your business. We also understand that you have your own unique set of challenges when it comes to organizing and consolidating that data. Sometimes, it just feels like it’s all over the place—being pulled from different systems and touched by many different departments. That’s where Syncrofy can help!

Your Challenge

Let’s say you’re searching for data from three months ago to answer a supply chain-related question from a trading partner. Odds are, that information is not going to be stored locally, and as a result, you may need to access an offsite archive.

What if the person who received the question is a non-technical user? How would they access the data? Would they have access to the servers that store your data? Probably not. This makes solving issues or answering questions quickly that much harder.

Furthermore, let’s say the way your company organizes data makes it difficult to find information quickly. Different businesses classify their data in different ways. For example, inbound data may be in one directory and outbound in another, or perhaps it’s organized by document type instead of date. Trying to corral all of that data yourself without a centralized view is often a time-wasting nightmare.

Our Solution

Syncrofy solves all of those problems. By working within your pre-existing architecture to ingest your supply chain data, we eliminate the need for multiple systems, and help centralize business visibility—all in an easy-to-use, comprehensive platform that can be used by even non-technical personnel.

Once you have the data, visualizing it in a timeline view is really where you can glean the most insight. With Syncrofy’s Timeline feature, you can see how a particular document relates to others, when it was created, and any associated issues attached to the document via the Exceptions feature. All of which can be viewed at the click of a button.


Syncrofy’s Data Retention policy also makes it easier to view and analyze historical data. It will store your information allowing you to take back full control over your data, regardless of when it came in. Whether it’s performing a search, running a report, or building a dashboard, this unique tool is designed to ensure you’re accessing the information that you deem most important to your business.

A Great Outcome

One of our customers, Hachette Book Group, faced many of these challenges before they decided to implement Syncrofy. Their IT team was bogged down with requests to dig through countless documents while up against tight deadlines. It would take the team anywhere from 15 minutes to three hours (per request) to manually gather this type of information, depending on how detailed the requested information was.

They realized that Syncrofy was the solution they needed to help them save time and organize their data.

Learn More

Click here to read more about how Syncrofy revolutionized the way HBG searches and views their data, and for more on the power of Syncrofy, please visit

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