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How to Consolidate Your Issue Resolution with Syncrofy

By: Pasquale Gatti | August 8, 2018

When it comes to solving problems within a team, communication is the name of the game. And if you work with EDI, resolving an issue sometimes becomes a harrowing task, especially when you’re dealing with stakeholders from different areas of the business. The problem lies within the fact that data is typically spread out across multiple platforms between your internal teams and external partners, making it difficult to get everyone on the same page, further muddling cross-departmental communication and slowing down the issue resolution process.

But all that can change with Syncrofy.

Syncrofy works within your pre-existing architecture to ingest EDI data from a variety of platforms, eliminating the need for multiple systems and centralizing business visibility to a single tool that can be used by even non-technical personnel. This will allow you and your colleagues the ability to solve problems and respond to customer requests more quickly than ever before.

If the way data is organized within your company is making it impossible to get on the same page with your team, then Syncrofy is the tool you’ve been waiting for!


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Document Comments

The first step towards consolidating your team’s issue resolution is putting important reminders and action items in writing. Syncrofy’s Document Comments make it easy for people from different departments to get involved and help solve issues quickly by providing a paper trail and roadmap for your team while assigning action items. The best part is that you can provide and restrict access to the documents and comments that pertain to each team member, eliminating confusion and helping to ensure that everyone understands their responsibilities.


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The Exceptions feature allows you to be proactive and anticipate when issues are occuring or have the potential to occur in the future. It can help you identify when you need to send a document back to a trading partner (such as an advance ship notice) before it slips through the cracks and you get hit with a fine or chargeback. It’s also easy to configure each exception to alert the appropriate person within your team to handle the matter. This helps to prevent duplicated effort and create accountability within your organization.


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Alerts & Notifications

Another major key to consolidating your issue resolution is automating your project management. And that’s what Syncrofy’s Alerts & Notifications can do for your business. Let’s say you’re expecting a time-sensitive, inbound EDI document like a Purchase Order Change (860). It’s easy to set up a notification to alert you the second it comes in. Processes like confirming receipt of an invoice or ensuring that a purchase order was sent to a partner can be automated so your team doesn’t have to constantly be checking on them manually. You can set notifications, both in-app and via email, to alert you on document events and user activity that occur within the system, allowing you to identify and correct issues before they become costly mistakes.

Overall, Syncrofy drives more effective and streamlined issue resolution by giving you and your team the tools to assign ownership, designate action items, and achieve cross-departmental transparency.

That’s the power of Syncrofy.

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