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GraceBlood Partners with CoEnterprise to Help Clients Gain Greater Visibility into EDI Data with Syncrofy

By: Pasquale Gatti | December 5, 2018

We announced today that we have entered into a partnership with GraceBlood, an EDI and B2B integration company, to provide Syncrofy to new and existing clients in North America.

Syncrofy, a cloud-based business visibility software that we developed in-house, allows companies to view their EDI data as business readable documents, enabling faster and better-informed business decisions. Additionally, Syncrofy provides companies with the ability to proactively mitigate costly issues, fines and fees.

“The velocity by which today’s B2B transactions are executed demands timely visibility into the end-to-end transaction, inclusive of abilities to drill-in, so users have actionable data to pivot their business quickly to maintain and increase competitive advantages,” said Brian Blood, GM of GraceBlood. “Syncrofy collaboratively extends this capability and we are thrilled to make it available to all our clients, whether their solutions are on-premises or in the cloud.”

GraceBlood provides services and software that deliver on the promise of EDI, completely connecting B2B commerce, with core solutions focused on building and maintaining smooth business transaction processes with customers, suppliers and other third parties.

With Syncrofy, we’ve brought innovation and genuine excitement back into the B2B industry, relieving the normal stresses of managing enormous amounts of EDI data. It has also provided us with a unique opportunity to selectively partner with the best of the best in order to drive into the future. As a result, partnership with GraceBlood was a natural next step.

“We’re excited to expand our customer base with the addition of GraceBlood,” said our CEO Michael Rabinowitz. “As one of the true leaders in the industry, they continue to deliver for their customers. We’re thrilled to enable them to provide an EDI gamechanger like Syncrofy to all of their customers, so they can save valuable time and cut costs.”

With this new partnership, both companies are uniquely positioned to bring simplified and self-service EDI visibility to the masses.

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