Getting Started with IBM Control Center Director: Effectively Manage Your MFT Environment

By: Tauni MacLean | May 21, 2020

If you rely on secure data transmission to run your business, then you’re probably familiar with IBM Control Center Connect:Direct (CD). It’s been an industry leader for over 30 years, establishing the standard for secure,  point to point, reliable data transmissions both inside and out of an organization. In fact, most financial services institutions around the world leverage CD for its unparalleled security and reliability.

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As a trusted IBM partner, we’ve seen its footprint grow immensely over the years within many different organizations across a myriad of industries. While its security and reliability warrants extensive use, managing an infrastructure of hundreds of thousands of connected nodes is an operational challenge. As a result, organizations need to perform regular upgrades and patching to keep up with security vulnerabilities and product enhancements.

That’s where IBM Control Center Director (CCD) comes in. 

IBM Sterling Connect:Direct Graphic
Source: IBM

The latest offering from IBM Sterling is here to help you manage your infrastructure of CD nodes from a centralized management console, enabling you to:

  • Maintain, upgrade, and apply product fixes at an unlimited scale
  • Manage and view all supported CD servers from one location via an intuitive user interface
  • Track license usage and remotely start and stop CD nodes
  • Keep a centralized repository of all deployed CD nodes
  • Search and retrieve data using RESTful APIs

As an administrator, you can download the available CD upgrade packages and make them accessible to approved users within the system. You’ll also have the ability to schedule these updates per node or a group of nodesallowing you to easily track and manage job statuses or even put them on hold to avoid conflicts with other processes. 

CCD empowers you to efficiently deploy, update, and track CD nodes so that no file transfer endpoint or node is left vulnerable. And central dashboards/views and remote update capabilities allow your operations staff to keep the environment current while freeing them up to work on other value-added tasks. 

Whether you manage just a few Connect:Direct servers or several hundreds, IBM Control Center Director is a purpose built solution to help manage and maintain your CD infrastructure with reliable security and the least amount of manual repetitive work. 

To learn more about IBM Control Center Director and how it can help your business, reach out to your CoEnterprise rep or drop us a line.

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