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Get More Out of Your Data and Gain Deeper Insights Faster with Syncrofy’s Latest Dashboard Enhancements

By: Pasquale Gatti | November 20th, 2020

Here at CoEnterprise, our software development team has a knack for pushing the envelope. They’re always testing the limits, taking in customer feedback, and thinking about how to gain deeper insights and improve the overall user experience in our flagship data visibility software, Syncrofy.

Syncrofy dashboards have always let you cross-filter and drill down to explore and pinpoint specific orders or documents, dig deeper into transactions, and obtain greater insights into your business. And now we’ve taken it a step further.

It’s Easier to Manage Counts, Averages, and Sums

Dashboards previously handled counts the same way as it did sums and averages. However, this created an extra, confusing step when setting up a dashboard with only counts as you had to pick a specific field to count up for the dashboard totals. Picking a field makes sense for sums and averages (average quantity ordered, sum of the total dollar amount in orders with a specific business partner), but not for counts. So we said goodbye to that!

Now, if you just want to see the number of orders or documents in a dashboard, there’s no extra work required on your part as the dashboard will show it automatically—streamlining your experience and making it more straightforward to create new dashboards.

deeper insights

Download & Take Dashboard Data Offline for Analysis

We’ve added the ability to download the underlying orders or documents for each dashboard as a CSV file and export it to another application to analyze it even deeper.

Let’s say you’re using a dashboard to troubleshoot and find a set of orders that have major discrepancies. You can utilize the cross-filtering and drill down functionality to pare your thousands of orders down to the ones in question.

Then, you can take that data and download it as a CSV and send it to a key member of your team for further analysis in Excel or another spreadsheet program.

deeper insights

Full Visibility into Your Bar Charts

But we didn’t stop there at raising the “bar.” All bar charts will now show the quantity labels for the value of each bar without having to mouse over it. It’s just another way our team is delivering your data faster and empowering you to achieve more insights on-demand.

deeper insights

Control Your Data Columns & UX Improvements

We’ve got one more big dashboard enhancement coming down the pike. Soon you will have the ability to specify the columns you want to see when viewing your underlying dashboard data, giving you more control over the information you want to view. This will come in handy when you combine it with the CSV data download, empowering you to export the exact data you want from your dashboards.

These enhancements provide greater value to Syncrofy users and support our mission of helping customers use their data to quickly solve functional business problems.

Do you have an idea for a new feature or enhancement that would be helpful for other Syncrofy users? We would love to hear from you. Contact our Customer Success Manager, Nicole Bosco, and let her know what you’ve come up with.

To learn more about Dashboards including step-by-step instructions on how to use them, visit the Syncrofy Help Center. To discover more about the power of Syncrofy, visit

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