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Finding the Needle in the Haystack: How Syncrofy Can Help You Reclaim Data

By: Pasquale Gatti | September 28, 2018

If your business deals with EDI, odds are you’ve got thousands of files comprised of millions of documents just sitting in your archive.  So how do you narrow that information down to find what you’re looking for, when you need it? It’s time to reclaim data.

Luckily for you, we built Syncrofy with that exact problem in mind. Syncrofy provides business users like you with self-service access and control to find information and manage their business without the constant need for IT support.

Eliminate the Noise with Filters

We realize that oftentimes you may not know the exact piece of data you’re looking for and may only have certain clues to go by. That’s okay because Syncrofy can help you reclaim data.

For example, you might know that you’re searching for a purchase order from a specific trading partner. However, what if you have two trading partners that are similar (e.g.. Amazon and Amazon Canada)? In this case, you can use Syncrofy’s Document Filters to drill down and eliminate documents that don’t match your criteria by adding filters like “Business Partner,” “Document Date,” and “Total Monetary Amount.” The more filters you add, the more you’ll narrow your search to eventually find the document you’re looking for.


The best part? The filters you create can be shared with other users or saved for future use, so there’s no having to go back and recreate them. Simply select the “My Filters” button to access and apply previously saved filters.


These powerful filter capabilities aren’t just limited to Documents. They also apply to Files as well. Let’s say you’re searching for documents in a particular file. You may have the file name but are unsure of the documents that comprise it. Simply drill down into a file by adding filters (the same way you would with Documents) to find the data you’re looking for.

Zero In with Search

In the instances when you’re looking for a specific document and have the number or unique identifier, then the Search feature is your best bet. With Search it’s as easy to find a document from two years ago as it is to find one from yesterday.

Simply type in a specific document number (like a purchase order or invoice) and Syncrofy will turn up all the relevant results. In addition to documents, you can also search for Syncrofy users, company names, and specific comments regarding a document.


Search is the place to go first when you have an idea of what you’re looking for (e.g. a purchase order that begins with “35D0”). If you’re not completely sure of the document or wish to answer a specific business question (e.g. “show me untracked invoices over $50K”), then Document Filters might be a better option.

Uncover the Past with Data Retention

With Syncrofy’s Data Retention policies, you decide how much data you retain in the system. You can set how long Syncrofy will store your information before it’s purged, effectively allowing you to take back full control over your data, regardless of when it came in.

Whether it’s performing a search, running a report, or building a dashboard, this unique tool is designed to ensure you’re accessing the information that you deem most important to your business. Most of our users choose to retain 18-24 months worth of data, but the choice is entirely up to you and what’s best for your operation.

No matter what data you’re looking for, what supporting information you have, or how far back it goes, Syncrofy can help you uncover that buried data and get back to running your business.

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