Digitalization With IBM Sterling B2B Integrator and Red Hat OpenShift

By: Pasquale Gatti | October 12th, 2021
Digitalization is driving partner and customer expectations—and it’s never been more apparent than during the current global pandemic.

Organizations are finding that slow, monolithic, error-prone platforms cannot handle the demands of a digitally connected world and every business has its own mix of systems and applications for exchanging files and messages with partners.

Additionally, disparate technologies make it difficult to communicate and resolve issues. That means customers that don’t modernize their application platform and take advantage of new technologies will put their revenue at risk and open the door to competitors.

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IBM Sterling applications run critical B2B transaction and file transfer flows for most of the Fortune 500. When an application is down, businesses’ supply chains are shut down, revenue is lost, and customers go elsewhere. The problem is that many on-prem IBM Sterling software solutions are end of life, unstable, and unable to scale. That’s why modernization is so critical to remain competitive in this market and meet the ever-increasing needs of customers.

That’s where an IBM B2B integrator, or CoEnterprise comes in.

ibm sterling b2b integrator

An Experienced Partner to Guide You

As an IBM Sterling B2B Integrator and Platinum Business Partner, we have over 1,000 integration projects under our belt. We’ve combined this with a growing Red Hat Advanced Partnership, a proven cloud migration process, and an experienced consulting organization that can help you migrate your legacy IBM Sterling applications to a hybrid/multi-cloud platform. Our solution is designed to leverage Red Hat OpenShift to provide IBM Sterling customers like yourself with a modern, hybrid cloud solution for mission critical applications.

By re-platforming business critical IBM Sterling functions from on-prem solutions to the cloud while leveraging Red Hat OpenShift, you’ll be better able to scale your environments and realize the following key benefits:

  • “Always on” system availability
  • Connected monolithic applications
  • Simplified maintenance and management
  • Elasticity and Scaling – Microservices
  • Real-time movement of EDI/B2B Data

This new platform can help you achieve business goals like accelerated revenue growth, faster time to market, and an improvement in inefficiencies to reduce infrastructure costs. With the right B2B tools and platform, you can digitally connect and communicate quickly and reliably, while reducing supply chain inefficiencies and the time it takes to get new products and services to market.

Ready To Take the Next Step?

If you’re ready to embark on your modernization journey, we can be your guide. We can help determine which cloud providers will be a part of your strategy going forward and create a comprehensive plan to ensure your infrastructure and applications are set up for long-term success based on your business goals. Our strategic relationships with IBM and Red Hat and longstanding partnerships with some of the largest and most successful cloud providers in the industry make us a trusted choice for any company to take the leap.

Contact us today to set up a free workshop to see how we can help you achieve your business goals!

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