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Hybrid Integration Platform

Seamless connectivity for your on-premise solutions and cloud-based applications – without the headaches.

The Hybrid Integration Platform (HIP) will empower you to consolidate your solutions and simplify the entire integration process by driving faster partner onboarding, enhanced security, and improved visibility to business and IT teams.

We Have You Covered

New to HIP? We’ve Got You Covered

A hybrid integration platform is a set of automated tools that connects software applications deployed in different environments (cloud or on-premise). HIP will facilitate the seamless flow of data between your existing solutions and services (i.e. file transfer, B2B integration, and API integration) and allow you to focus on what matters most—running your business.

Why Do I Need HIP

Why Do I Need a HIP?

Hybrid integration platforms are often used by large B2B enterprises that need to integrate and connect partners with applications and data in both the cloud and data centers. HIP’s state-of-the-art infrastructure and industry-leading solution stack will help you do just that—empower you to consolidate your solutions and simplify the entire integration process.

TIme to upgrade

It’s Time to Upgrade Your Legacy B2B/MFT Integration Platform

If your current platform isn’t quite doing the job anymore, then it’s time to consider a change. HIP allows you to focus on business-critical tasks rather than being bogged down by technical processes that are not profit drivers.

Improve Efficiencies by Moving Your Data to the Cloud

  • Faster Partner On-Boarding
  • Enhanced Security, Compliance, and Audit Capabilities
  • Improved Visibility to Business and IT Teams
  • Near 100% Service Availability

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