CoEnterprise Partners with RSSBus to Deliver Enhanced Analytics for Retail and Manufacturing

June 6, 2019 – New York, NY – CoEnterprise, a leader in enterprise software and professional services for vertical industries, today announced that it has entered into a partnership with RSSBus, a leading provider of EDI translation and connectivity solutions. The partnership will integrate Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) business intelligence to the RSSBus flagship product, RSSBus Connect, with the Syncrofy solution from CoEnterprise.

EDI continues to prove its value by lowering costs, improving speed and accuracy, as well as increasing efficiency for enterprises. With RSSBus Connect and Syncrofy, retail and manufacturing customers are able to avoid the complexities typically associated with EDI as well as costly fees and chargebacks – which cost e-commerce merchants $40bn per year – that result from a lack of transparency into their data. By having direct access and visibility into this EDI data, customers are able to become more agile by quickly and easily responding to changing production and supply chain strategies.

RSSBus Connect is a modern integration solution that supports all major EDI standards and file transfer protocols. Through a visual, drag & drop interface and data connectors for 80+ applications and platforms, it enables organizations to quickly implement complex EDI integrations and align EDI workflows with their backend systems and processes.

“CoEnterprise provides outstanding solutions for EDI analytics and is a valuable partner,” said Mike Albritton, Managing Director of RSSBus. “Our strong alliance allows us to bring powerful, new analytics capabilities to EDI, making it easier than ever for enterprise customers to simplify EDI integration and glean business insights to drive efficiency.”

Syncrofy is an enterprise cloud visibility platform developed by CoEnterprise to reduce the complexity and simplify the management of EDI systems. The platform allows companies to view their EDI data as business-readable documents, enabling faster and better-informed business decisions, with the ability to proactively mitigate costly issues and fees.

“The world of EDI can be a complex one, but our partnership with RSSBus allows us to offer our customers a best-in-class EDI solution that delivers easy to understand, valuable insights so they can streamline their operations and avoid chargebacks that can add up to thousands, or even millions of dollars,” said Michael Rabinowitz, CEO of CoEnterprise. “This new partnership also demonstrates the ease of integration for both platforms and how quickly Syncrofy’s powerful EDI analytics technology can be added to the RSSBus Connect platform.”

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