Revolutionizing Supply Chain Visibility With Syncrofy 2.0

NEW YORK, NY – August 23, 2023 – CoEnterprise, an enterprise software and services company that solves data challenges in real-time, today announced that all Syncrofy customers have successfully transitioned to Syncrofy 2.0. The latest version features an upgraded architecture that offers improved resilience, scalability, and overall performance to drive unparalleled business value for organizations worldwide.

Tailored for supply chain professionals, Syncrofy is a multi-enterprise data platform that enables transparency, intelligence, and automation across supply chain networks. It helps organizations prioritize supply chain challenges and solve problems before they occur—empowering them to eliminate costly fines and fees, prevent late payments and late shipments, and realize revenue faster. Syncrofy empowers companies to consolidate information that’s scattered throughout multiple systems and make it accessible for all users in all departments, without having to leverage IT staff or resources.

Building upon the success of its predecessor, Syncrofy 2.0 introduces an architecture that sets a new industry standard. Its improved versatility and adaptability ensures uninterrupted operations even in the face of unforeseen supply chain disruption.

Key advancements of Syncrofy 2.0:

  • Enhanced resilience: Syncrofy 2.0’s architecture is fortified through cloud native patterns using IBM Cloud Kubernetes Service for failure detection, multi-active deployments, and rapid recovery to withstand the most demanding conditions
  • Better scalability: The new architecture enables Syncrofy to effortlessly scale up to handle more data, more users, and deliver more features and insights, ensuring a consistent experience and optimal performance
  • Maximized business value: Syncrofy 2.0 delivers the same powerful real-time data analytics and supply chain features users have come to depend on in a more resilient and scalable architecture that help empower efficient decision-making and streamlined supply chain processes

One of the standout features of Syncrofy is its unparalleled ability to facilitate cross-document correlation. Users can seamlessly track and correlate quantities ordered, quantities adjusted, quantities shipped, quantities invoiced, and quantities received. This powerful functionality equips supply chain professionals with the insights needed to make informed decisions and identify potential discrepancies before they happen.

“Supply chain visibility still remains unattainable for so many organizations,” said Michael Rabinowitz, CEO of CoEnterprise. “This poses incredible challenges in effectively monitoring orders, reconciling discrepancies between orders, shipments, and invoices, and often culminates in issues such as vendor chargebacks, delayed shipments, and, ultimately, delayed payments.”

“Syncrofy 2.0 emerges as a pivotal solution, strategically designed to empower organizations to address potential supply chain issues proactively. We take immense pride in the fact that all our customers have embraced this latest version and it stands as a testament to our dedication to enabling businesses to navigate their supply chain with foresight and precision, regardless of the prevailing uncertainties.”

With Syncrofy, organizations can expect to:

  • Reduce revenue leakage by up to 30% due to late shipments (for retailers)
  • Reduce chargebacks by up to 30% by correcting errors before they happen (for suppliers)
  • Eliminate late payments to suppliers, saving an average of 2% on payments
  • Guarantee suppliers are paid on time, ensuring negotiated discounts (2% or more) while improving credit worthiness
  • Achieve an ROI of up to three times their initial investment within 60 days

“Syncrofy has been a true game-changer for our organization,” said Brian Blood, Managing Partner at Graceblood. “The enhanced performance and resilience of 2.0 coupled with the added value have exceeded our expectations. It’s not just an upgrade, it’s a leap forward in efficiency and intelligence for our supply chain and B2B operations.”

For businesses seeking to drive supply chain efficiency, eliminate errors, and enhance overall operational effectiveness, Syncrofy offers a transformative solution. For more information about Syncrofy and its groundbreaking capabilities, please visit

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