Patagonia’s Seamless Shift to Tableau Cloud with CoEnterprise



Customer Story

Patagonia is an American retailer of outdoor recreation clothing with stores in more than 10 countries globally. They are recognized for product quality and environmental activism, having contributed nearly $200 million toward protecting people and the planet.

  • Founder: Yvon Chouinard
  • Headquarters: Ventura, CA
  • Locations: Over 100 worldwide
  • Employees: 3,000 globally



The Business Challenge

Prior to migrating to the cloud, Patagonia faced several significant challenges. Most prominent was the administrative burden of managing Tableau on-premise. They did not have a sole owner of Tableau and this made upgrades and routine maintenance a challenge. Patagonia found that by transitioning their footprint to Tableau Cloud they would save on over 60% of the administrative tasks they were completing on-premise. VDI challenges also prevented them from leveraging Tableau mobile for their sales teams. Lastly, Patagonia was eager to re-imagine and align their usage of Tableau with their larger data strategy, ensuring a more cohesive approach to enable and engage their users.

  • Strategic initiative to move on-premise systems to cloud​
  • Reduce administrative workload​ by 60%
  • Rethink how Patagonia uses Tableau and bring it into alignment with their larger data strategy ​
  • Remove VPN requirement–a huge win for mobile users ​
  • Gain access to the latest and greatest features​
  • Leverage new AI functionality to increase adoption


Why CoEnterprise

Patagonia chose CoEnterprise as their migration partner due to their extensive experience with Tableau and facilitating cloud migrations. CoEnterprise also offered strategic guidance to help seamlessly move Patagonia’s systems to Tableau Cloud.

“Choosing CoEnterprise for our Tableau Cloud migration was a game-changer. Their expertise in cloud analytics and strategic guidance not only reduced our administrative workload but also transformed how we use Tableau, aligning it perfectly with our data strategy. Their deep knowledge of Tableau and large-scale cloud migrations made the transition seamless”

– Corin Murphy, Enablement Lead at Patagonia.


Measurable Results

The collaboration between Patagonia and CoEnterprise produced some impressive results:

1. Ahead of schedule and under budget

The partnership with CoEnterprise ensured that Patagonia completed their migration project ahead of schedule and within budget constraints.

2. Reduced workload

Pre-migration clean-up efforts led to a 45% reduction in content, making Tableau more performant and easier to navigate..

3. User empowerment

CoEnterprise kept Patagonia’s users well-informed without overwhelming them. They provided instructional guides, onboarding materials, and dedicated pages for project background and progress.

4. Improved adoption

Through step-by-step guides and detailed knowledge transfer sessions, Patagonia’s team leveraged the full potential of Tableau, resulting in increased adoption across the organization.


CoEnterprise’s expertise, coupled with Tableau’s capabilities, enabled Patagonia to achieve a seamless transition to Tableau Cloud, yielding substantial efficiency gains and empowering their team for future success.

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