Multinational Electrical Brand, Emerson, Cuts Issue Resolution Time By 97% with Syncrofy

Customer story

Emerson is an American multinational corporation headquartered in Ferguson, Missouri. The Fortune 500 company manufactures products and provides engineering services for a wide range of industrial, commercial, and consumer markets and has approximately 83,500 employees and 200 manufacturing locations worldwide. Their Appleton brand of electrical products has long been the hallmark for the protection of people and equipment while delivering reliable power.

The Business Challenge

Without a way to see where the raw data is coming from as it pertained to their orders, Emerson’s EDI team would have to solicit the help of one person—a business practice that wasn’t always the most efficient to say the least. 

“If there was an error with the order such as a missing location, invalid item number, or incorrect quantities, we’d have to go to our EDI guy and ask him for the raw data to see exactly what failed,” said Esie Cortez, Global Channel Business Services Manager at Emerson Automation. “It wasn’t the quickest process and that’s not good when you’re dealing with invoices and orders.”

This would cause major problems when it came time for an audit as they were often asked for a copy of the raw data as far back as 2-5 years to ensure on-time shipments, acknowledgements, and accurate quantities. 

As a result, they realized they needed a solution that would enable them to gain visibility into their EDI data that included a configurable data retention option. This would free them from the constraints of having to rely on technical personnel for getting answers to transactional questions and database queries and protect them when it was time for them to be audited. 

Why Syncrofy‭?‬

Cortez had previous experience with CoEnterprise on another project and was thrilled with the experience and outcome. After learning about Syncrofy, she thought it would be worth exploring since Emerson had a real need in the area of EDI management.

“We leveraged CoEnterprise for a server migration project and were extremely pleased with the results,” said Cortez. “When I told our Vice President of IT about Syncrofy he immediately contacted CoEnterprise to get the ball rolling. A demo was scheduled and soon thereafter I flew to NYC to spend a day at their office learning all about the platform. Needless to say after that trip the decision was a no-brainer.” 

When Cortez returned to Emerson, she gave her full recommendation and endorsement of Syncrofy and within weeks Emerson signed on as an official customer. CoEnterprise’s customer success team set up several training sessions to get their team up and running quickly and they haven’t looked back ever since.

“It was the great relationship we had established with COE combined with the easy accessibility of information and data the tool provided that sealed the deal for us,” said Cortez.

Measurable Results

With Syncrofy, Emerson’s EDI team can now easily access their EDI data when they have questions regarding order inaccuracies or the status of a document without having to wait on someone else to get back to them.

“Now when there are issues with an order or if we just want to see the raw data or what documents were sent, we can access that information instantly right within Syncrofy,” says Cortez. “Our issue resolution time has dramatically dropped from 2-3 hours down to around 5 minutes or so—it’s remarkable! It also allows our IT team to focus on technical issues rather than answering our questions.”

In addition to the accessibility of EDI order information that Syncrofy provides, Emerson has also made great use of the “Dashboards” feature by utilizing charts and graphs to drill down into specific customers and their documents. 

“Syncrofy has made all of our lives so much easier. It’s hard to imagine working without it.”

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