CoEnterprise Helps Global Manufacturing Company Save Several Hours Per Week & Streamline Entire Data Process

The Business Challenge

This global manufacturing company’s business users were in need of data sources and dashboards in order to more effectively forecast sales and manage contracts. Their current system forced them to consume data through large Excel worksheets, CSVs, PDFs, and PivotTables that didn’t always provide the information they needed in a timely fashion.

We wanted to create a data source for sales forecasts and contracts for one purpose but didn’t know how to build an effective dashboard for looking at the same data differently,” said their Manager of Business Analytics. “It was also made more challenging due to it being the first exposure to Tableau for those areas of the business.” 

The company’s BI team consists of 2.5 IT employees and roughly 35 in-house Tableau creators in various departments who regularly publish content to their Tableau Server. The team supports all groups throughout the business including administration of Tableau Server, approval of Tableau licenses, managing an intranet site, and hosting regular Tableau User Group (TUG) meetings.

Analytics consultants working on a plan


Why CoEnterprise & Tableau?

Since this global manufacturing company was already standardized with Tableau, they didn’t have to be sold on the platform. Choosing  CoEnterprise as their analytics partner was easy because of their strong partnership with Tableau.

“CoEnterprise was highly recommended,” said the Manager of Business Analytics. “Our Tableau rep raved about the positive experience she had working with them–so we engaged them for a small project and the rest is history. It also didn’t hurt that they are a Tableau Premier Partner for seven years and counting and feature flexible billing based on usage.”

They were focused on accelerating time to completion while learning how to build dashboards–something they had little experience with. As a result, they needed a partner who could guide them.

CoEnterprise’s experience with Tableau was a knowledge and skills accelerator for us.

– Manager of Business Analytics


Measurable Results

With CoEnterprise by their side, their BI team learned how to engage with business users to uncover the important questions they are trying to answer and metrics they need to measure.

“They helped us build dashboards around those answers so our teams can quickly glean information rather than just showing them data without context,” said the Manager of Business Analytics

As a result of engaging with CoEnterprise, the sales team has saved several hours per week and overall more efficient weekly sales meetings. They also have achieved coalescence around a centralized system for both connecting to data sources and sharing interactive insights. 

With the help of CoEnterprise and Tableau, they have increased Tableau adoption across their sales and contract teams–empowering them to tackle the most important problems in the most important areas. 

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