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The Syncrofy Challenge

By: Pasquale Gatti | January 17, 2018

There are some companies that talk a big game when it comes to collaboration, but at CoEnterprise we “walk the walk.” That’s why last week our entire company participated in The Syncrofy Challenge. It was a fun way of allowing everyone to get their hands dirty on our flagship product, Syncrofy. It turned out to be an awesome experience and one we’ll be doing again in the near future.

We started out by dividing into teams with a single purpose: to build the best dashboard possible in Syncrofy with the winning squad receiving dinner on the company. There were no parameters other than it had to be thoughtful, creative, and could be delivered to a customer, ready-to-use.

There were seven cross-functional teams in all, with some people working together for the first time. Each team had an advisor who served as a guide in helping decide on the topic and building approach while answering any questions.


syncrofy challenge

syncrofy challenge syncrofy challenge


Each team’s approach was unique, with some designing their dashboard for a generic company and others using the hands-on experience they’ve had with customers to solve a specific problem.

After a brainstorming session to develop their plan of attack, the teams were ready for their big moment. Everyone had two hours to complete their dashboard.

It proved to be an exciting race to the finish as teams worked together to make their vision a reality.


syncrofy challenge

syncrofy challenge

syncrofy challenge


After our panel of judges did their thing, Team 3 prevailed with the winning dashboard. Their topic focused on order to cash at risk and negative acknowledgments within the last 90 days.

In the end, everyone had the chance to dive deep into Syncrofy, gain some hands-on experience, and come together with their peers.

We can’t wait to it all again soon!

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