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Spinning Your Wheels with Purchase Orders and Invoices? It’s Time to Dig a Little Deeper

By: Pasquale Gatti | January 10, 2020

It’s no secret that your data is the lifeblood of your business. The ability to find and remedy discrepancies before they cause major problems ultimately determines how efficient your operation is on a daily basis. We recently talked with some EDI managers who stressed to us that oftentimes purchase orders and invoices are the major offenders.

A big reason for that? Those documents have many associated ones that sometimes get lost in the shuffle when there’s no visibility or way to track them. But with Syncrofy, there’s a new way to think about those typically mundane business documents.

While demoing our flagship data visibility software to a prospective customer (a leading automotive parts provider), I created a Dashboard filter (learn more about Dashboards here) that showed purchase orders with more than one advance ship notice associated with them. Then, we sorted by partner to see who the worst offenders were. Low and behold, the top offender had over 50 advance ship notices associated with a single purchase order. We drilled down and were able to see the PO was a large one, just under $1 million.

We then built a dashboard that highlighted everything we had just uncovered. Without Syncrofy, we wouldn’t have been able to see the correlation between purchase order size and number of advance ship notices—and that there are oftentimes “problem customers” who need to be monitored.


The same goes for invoices.

Let’s say you’re looking at your invoices and decide you want to see all of the ones that have an associated application advice (which would indicate there is some type of error). You can easily create a filter to see only those documents. But you may want to dig a little deeper. You start to page through and see that they all seem to be coming from one specific partner. That piques your curiosity so you want to find out if there are any other partners involved, but don’t want to click through hundreds of pages.

With Syncrofy, it’s easy to build a dashboard to highlight all of your invoices with an associated application advice—by business partner.

That’s just another way Syncrofy is making it easy for companies to take back control over their data. To learn more about Syncrofy and to request a demo, click here.

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