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Spending Time Resolving EDI Issues? You’re Not Alone

By: Pasquale Gatti | June 18th, 2020

If you work with EDI, you’ve almost certainly seen these EDI issues play out before:

You’re getting ready to onboard a critical trading partner when a customer reaches out asking if you ever sent them a purchase order. Frantically, you rummage through countless documents manually trying to find proof it was sent out.

“Was it sent?” you think to yourself. “I’m sure it was sent. Wasn’t it?”

Before you know it, you’ve wasted hours digging through files and trying to find that needle in a haystack rather than focusing on running your business.

Unfortunately, you’re not alone when it comes to this level of productivity loss.

Examining Your Challenge

According to our research, many EDI teams are also bogged down with internal requests (e.g. the fulfillment team) for specific information on documents to answer customer requests, including line items and shipping information.

In fact, did you know that EDI teams typically spend 50% of their time answering questions, resolving problems, and troubleshooting EDI issues?

The reason is two-fold. First off, most EDI teams don’t have a tool that can offer dynamic search and reporting capabilities. Simply put, non-IT personnel are often tasked with digging through files and manually searching through EDI documents to find the information they need.

And secondly, most of the business people asking those EDI questions don’t have the systems in place to answer them on their own. Because EDI is complex, gleaning insights, answering questions, or simply making sense out of it is nearly impossible for the average business person.

A Better Way to Empower Your EDI Operations

There’s a tool out there that can help you get your time back and quickly resolve those EDI issues—it’s called Syncrofy.

Syncrofy is a better, simpler way to manage and interact with your EDI. It breaks down complex EDI into a usable, easy-to-read format to help you search for data, track transactions, collaborate with partners, answer questions, and resolve issues before they become headaches.

Raw EDI before Syncrofy

Say goodbye to spinning your wheels waiting on your IT team to find data or answer questions for you. That’s because Syncrofy creates a framework around it for people who aren’t familiar or don’t have experience working with it.

It provides data-driven business insights for users without prior advanced technical knowledge, allowing you to save time and focus your attention on mission-critical tasks rather than aimlessly digging through files.

In fact, users who don’t normally work with EDI are able to view and share plain English translated versions of native EDI documents and all related transactions—ultimately freeing you from time restraints and dependency on technical resources.

EDI with Syncrofy
EDI with Syncrofy

A Great Outcome

One of our customers, Barnes and Noble College, faced these very same issues we discussed above before they discovered Syncrofy. Without a solution to search for documents and data, their EDI team couldn’t drill down to find specific information and had to perform searches manually, a time-consuming task. They also had difficulty identifying and diagnosing issues as they arose.

“We would have to go in and search through documents, vendor-by-vendor, to try and identify the discrepancy,” said Mary Foti, B2B EDI Integration Analyst. “It was something that would take up a huge portion of my day.”

Ultimately, it was Syncrofy’s simplified visibility tools and the ability to search through thousands of transactions a month that have made the biggest difference.

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