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Improving Supply Chain Margins Begins with Improving Compliance

Syncrofy with Compliance brings a new level of accessibility, visibility and simplicity to accessing the critical EDI/B2B data needed to drive supply chain performance. Having access to the data now gives supply chain executives the data they need to act and control, to drive out the inefficiencies that at times can hobble even the best supply chain systems. With its add-on Compliance features, Syncrofy puts you in command of the data, reports and insights that will uncover the immediate actions and interventions needed in real time.

Minimize wasteful chargebacks and fines

Add, remove, share compliance-related rules to manage SLAs more easily

View vendor scorecards and reports as a “single source of truth” to uncover performance improvements

Customers: Don’t Just Manage Compliance. Master It.

Supply chain executives finally have all the data visibility tools at their disposal to take command of even the most fast-moving, dynamic supply chains. While in the past, immediate access to critical data and EDI information was inaccessible, Syncrofy with Compliance gives teams the information they need at their fingertips to track and improve supplier performance, enable communication, and streamline chargeback creation–all via a single source of truth and user-friendly platform.


Suppliers: Fight Back Against Chargebacks. Protect Your Profits

Syncrofy’s powerful Compliance platform provides visibility and access to the data required to compete on a level playing field with customers. The key is having self-service and the ability to configure customer-specific compliance rules and verify chargeback totals in real-time. This empowers teams to dispute those inaccurate chargebacks, challenge them, and recoup profits–while ensuring their business doesn’t miss a beat.

Key Features

Syncrofy’s Compliance tools provide the perfect solution for improving vendor compliance.
  • Rule Configuration: assign SLA rules to specific trading partners
  • Chargeback Management: review and settle chargeback claims
  • Notifications: configure in-app and/or email notifications
  • Dashboards/Vendor Scorecards: compare vendors to identify best/worst and identify areas to improve performance
  • Reporting: quickly identify specific trading partner performance

Syncrofy Conquers Supply Chain Compliance Issues

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Chargeback Management to Settle Discrepancies And Save Money
Notifications to Identify Supply Chain Disruptions
Self-Service to Empower Your Internal Teams
Rationalized Chargeback Rebuttal Platform
Verify chargeback/violation totals, quickly share data across teams to dispute chargebacks with your customers and settle them collaboratively while remaining in good standing with detailed, easily accessible data.
Configure rules to identify at-risk transactions and customer violations so you can proactively correct them and ensure your business doesn’t miss a beat
Create a culture of compliance by getting your entire team on the same page via a single source of truth and user-friendly platform so you can work together to improve supplier performance and seamlessly verify and settle chargebacks
Give your suppliers the ability to fight chargebacks by adding supporting documents or pictures or sending messages so that every claim can be tracked, analyzed, and stored for future reference.

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