Did you know that EDI teams typically spend 50% of their time answering questions, resolving problems, and troubleshooting EDI issues for the business? For a traditional American employee, that could mean up to four hours every day! How is that even possible? Ultimately, It boils down to the fact that most business people asking EDI questions don’t have the tools to solve the issues themselves. That’s where the power of Syncrofy comes in.

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Is Your EDI Data All Over the Place?

By: Pasquale Gatti | September 28, 2017 | Comments

We at CoEnterprise realize how critical your EDI data is to your business. We also understand that you have your own unique set of challenges when it comes to organizing and consolidating that data. Sometimes, it just feels like your data is all over the place. That's where Syncrofy can help!

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We know how much your business relies on interaction with your trading partners. That’s why Syncrofy allows you to invite your partners to use Syncrofy at no charge to them, enabling you to collaborate and give them access to the features you deem necessary. By inviting your partners, you will be able to securely share information, compare data, and solve problems.

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You’ve always been able to access as much data as you want with Syncrofy, but now it’s easier to control how much information you’re seeing and how far back you want to search. Want to go back and analyze data or track down a document from six months ago? A year? Two years? With Syncrofy’s Data Retention policies, it’s easier than ever.

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Oftentimes when demoing the far-reaching capabilities of Syncrofy, the Timeline feature is an aspect of the software that garners a lot of “oohs and aahs.” And for good reason. Timeline allows Syncrofy users to track the entire lifecycle of a specific document, providing full transparency including the date and time of creation, associated exceptions, and general information.

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