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For every organization, regardless of size or industry, SaaS applications have taken over many of the processes critical to day-to-day operation. Sales, HR, procurement, customer service, workflow management, and financial transactions all create and consume a significant amount of data and require a strong integration platform. The challenge lies in integrating the on-premise data with cloud/SaaS (Software as a Service) based applications using a secure, managed, and auditable platform.

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Remember when you were judged in school by how well you ‘played nice with others?’ Well, maybe those teachers were onto something.

It’s no secret that one of the major ingredients of a successful company is effective employee collaboration. Oftentimes, the ability to perform together within a team can make or break a critical project or task.

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As an IBM Business Partner, our services include offerings that address the most challenging industry problems leveraging the IBM Sterling B2B suite of solutions. To accomplish that, we need a passionate and versatile team that not only knows how to solve those issues, but can adapt quickly to any situation. Each team member is unique, bringing their own philosophy to each project. To gain a better understanding of what drives them, we sat down with our very own Radford Lin to talk about his process, approach, and why professional services absolutely rocks.

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The Importance of a Reliable Delivery Framework

By: Christopher Draudt | July 15, 2015 | Comments

Today’s professional services organizations often focus on highlighting their processes and framework, and to many it just comes off as a bunch of marketing fluff. In order to present a framework that your customers will value, you have to provide them with best practices and a path to success. A quality framework will keep your customers engaged while providing their employees with a structured guide that enforces learnings and provides continuous value. 

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Let’s face it, EDI can be a huge endeavor. Out of the box configurations rarely make the cut, and with customization comes the potential for mistakes and pesky bugs. Having an experienced staff is a great asset but people are fallible, and small mistakes can add up to potentially huge delays, more mistakes, and lost revenue. Without consistent monitoring, a system can become self-damaging and even have the potential for a complete crash.

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