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You’ve been there before. You receive a question from one of your top trading partners about an EDI transaction from three months ago. Most likely, that information won’t be in your local archive so you’ve got to dig through an offsite one. You search through hundreds and hundreds of transactions. Aimlessly hoping that needle in the haystack will call out to you. Before you know it, you’ve wasted hours trying to track down this data when you could’ve been attending to important business matters. 

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You’ve always been able to access as much data as you want with Syncrofy, but now it’s easier to control how much information you’re seeing and how far back you want to search. Want to go back and analyze data or track down a document from six months ago? A year? Two years? With Syncrofy’s Data Retention policies, it’s easier than ever.

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Categories:Syncrofy, EDI, Data Management, Data Retention