Since its inception, our development team has been constantly improving, tweaking, and enhancing Syncrofy based on customer feedback to help users get the most out of the solution. As a result, Syncrofy over the last year has experienced tremendous growth, dramatically increasing its user base and the number of documents supported.

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A Valentine's Day Tribute to the 889

By: Joe Mandato | February 14, 2017 | Comments

Valentine’s Day is a time to recognize and celebrate the things in life that we love most. Who doesn’t love getting chocolates or flowers from a spouse, or a handmade Valentine’s Day card from a child? And who amongst us hasn’t written a poem to express their love for their favorite EDI document?

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One of the things that separates Syncrofy from other EDI software is that users can choose to see (and identify) the information that is most important to them and their job-related tasks. Users can customize their reports and dashboard to have an up-close view of the data that directly affects what they do.

Did you know you can also do the same with notifications?

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After our second blog post on Syncrofy’s Exceptions, you should have a better understanding of how SLA Exceptions work, how to use them, and how they integrate with your business. For this entry, we’re going to examine Value Exceptions and how they differ from SLAs, give you some examples and when to use them, and describe how they make tracking document issues a breeze.

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